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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Mind, Body, and Business: Elevate Your Gifting Game with B Yoga

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

woman doing downward dog on a purple yoga mat

B Yoga was born out of founder Andrea Morris’ deep love for the physical and mental practice of yoga. After working with a uniquely grippy type of rubber, initially developed for carpet pads, Morris realized it could be the perfect material for a yoga mat.

woman smiling

She spent countless hours refining and perfecting her product until the B MAT was born. Today, the B MAT remains B Yoga’s core and best-selling product, embodying the brand’s commitment to creating simple, high-quality, and long-lasting yoga staples for the global yoga community.

As the woman-owned brand has continued to grow, its offerings have expanded to include other products that prioritize performance, comfort, and contemporary design while remaining true to the goal of creating essential, practical products for real people.

three women doing table top yoga position

Recently, Giftagram had the pleasure of talking with B Yoga sales manager Cindy Welkie about yoga, mindfulness and why B Yoga’s goods are such great gifts:

Giftagram: What makes B Yoga a different and great gift?

orange yoga mat

Cindy: At B Yoga we offer the best of movement, mindfulness, and recovery gifts. Our hero product is the B MAT, the grippiest movement mat out there. But we offer so much more than that—meditation sets, self care and sleep supports and our ever-expanding line of elevated movement props. All B goods are designed to support you and what you need day-in and day-out, on and off the (B) mat.

Giftagram: What is your favorite B Yoga product to gift?

Cindy: Our bundles are a great gift offering. My personal favorite is the Fit From Home bundle for wellness-oriented individuals who want to up their home movement regime. Another favorite is the Calm Sit Set, which has been a game changer for my mindfulness practice.

yoga billows and yoga accessories

Giftagram: What makes B Yoga different from other yoga and fitness products?

Cindy: Where to begin? From day one, we have been driven by our values of truth, connection, impact—and, of course—wellbeing. Our values are deep-rooted and drive all that we offer, as our team espouses these values. We aim to support everyone in their life's practice and work to ensure that all of our products live up to this mission.

Giftagram: We love that B Yoga is committed to a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) action plan. Why is this important to the company and brand?

Cindy: At B Yoga, we really believe that our platform serves to support a broader purpose, that this is our responsibility. Like our movement and meditation practices, we know that the work is never finished and requires a lifelong commitment. We are committed to engaging in and holding space for difficult conversations with our community and employees, and to continue learning and taking action to support the broader community. It is through these commitments that we can keep moving forward, mindfully. Our DEI action plan is an ever-evolving commitment which provides us with a roadmap to stay engaged in this work and to our commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives. We are inspired to connect with our hearts, the hearts of others, and the hearts of movements that are committed to long-term cultural change.


The benefits of yoga, meditation and movement

three women doing downward dog on yoga mats

Ready to feel your best both physically and mentally? Practicing yoga can help! Yoga is an ancient practice that can improve physical health by increasing flexibility and strength while also reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Studies have shown that regular yoga practice can significantly reduce stress levels and improve mood, and may even prevent age-related physical and mental decline. Additionally, yoga can also help with mental health by reducing stress and anxiety and improving overall wellbeing.

While it’s tempting to think of yoga as a leisure activity, in terms of work-life balance, the practice is helpful on both sides of the scale. Studies of teachers and nurses have found that practicing yoga can reduce burnout and increase job satisfaction.

woman exercising on yoga mat

Mindfulness and meditation practices are similarly well regarded for their ability to increase wellbeing and behavioral regulation and to reduce emotional reactivity.

Overall, studies provide evidence that incorporating yoga and mindfulness into a daily routine can have a lasting positive impact on wellbeing, job performance, and employee mental health.

B Yoga for client and employee and corporate gifting

Companies that prioritize the wellbeing of their employees and clients are setting themselves up for success, both in terms of business outcomes and positive relationships. By giving gifts that promote mental health and wellness, companies demonstrate that they truly care about the people who help make their businesses thrive.

These gift ideas support mental health and wellness and can help recipients stretch their limits, find their inner balance, and reach for new heights.

sleep accessories gift box

Dream On + The Class on Demand

Treat your client or staffer to a restful night’s sleep with this collection of bedtime essentials. These products create an environment that promotes rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The H2O Bottle in Sand allows for hydration throughout the night and is perfect for bedside or on-the-go use. The Silk Pillowcase provides ultimate comfort, while the breathable Silk Eye Mask ensures undisturbed sleep. The package also includes one-month access to The Class Digital Studio, a unique and celebrity-endorsed wellness experience. This gift offers a complete sensory experience for anyone seeking tranquility and relaxation in their daily routine.

workout accessories gift box

Fit From Home + The Class on Demand

Make a yogi’s meditation practice even more comfortable and stylish with The Calm Sit Set by B Yoga. The duo features two classic meditation cushions, perfect for long, deep relaxation. The Calm Meditation Cushion is the smaller of the two and gently lifts the hips to reduce discomfort in the legs, seat, and spine. Its counterpart, The Calm Zabuton, adds four more inches of lift and snugly fits the knees, feet, and ankles. It even comes with a phone pocket on the cushion, and a variety of fabric styles to choose from. Made in Canada, this meditation set is a thoughtful and practical gift for any modern-day yogi; it also comes with one-month access to The Class Digital Studio.

pinkj yoga mat

The B Mat Impact

Give the gift of a versatile and durable exercise experience with the B Yoga B MAT Impact exercise mat. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this mat is made from 100% complex NBR foam for superior support, cushioning and durability, while the beveled edge and ribbed texture offer comfort during high-impact workouts. Whether it's for a client’s home gym or so a colleague can take their workout to the park, this exercise mat from B Yoga is a gift that keeps on giving.

woven turkish blanket cream and black

The Turkish Blanket

In search of a gift that is both comfortable and adaptable? Look no further than the Turkish Blanket from B Yoga. This carefully crafted blanket is created by hand using responsibly-sourced cotton that is ring-spun for optimal softness and durability. At a size of 94.5" L x 67" W and a weight of only two pounds, it's perfect for a cozy night on the sofa or for travel. The Turkish Blanket is a unique gift, promising to become a cherished addition to any living space.

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