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Giftagram is excited to empower you and your team to easily send gifts at scale during the busiest time of the year. We understand that gifting is more than just a gesture; it's a powerful tool to foster relationships and make lasting impressions. 

Whether you’re delighting clients, appreciating employees, generating leads, or enhancing events, our toolkit has got you covered. We've curated a one-stop resource to help you navigate the art of corporate gifting with ease.

Holiday Planning Toolkit


Let's make this holiday season

unforgettable, one gift at a time!

Workback Dates:

Dec 20
Nov 10
Dec 29
Delivery Date:
Campaign Type:
Place Order By:
Jan 15
Dec 29
Dec 20
Oct 25
Nov 1
Nov 15
Nov 17
Jan 15
Nov 29
Branded Items
(approx. 4-6 week lead time)
All inventory ordered and paid for prior to launch of program. Lead time may change depending on the vendor.
*Recipient Choice Campaign timeline and details to be confirmed with your Account Manager
Bulk Order
(min 100 units)
All inventory ordered and paid for prior to launch of program.
Recipient Choice
Inventory procured after recipients select their gift. 50% deposit of invoice paid for prior to launch of program*
The dates above are estimates for domestic Standard Ground Shipping. We will do our best to meet your delivery deadline request, however it may not be possible due to events outside of our control (inventory availability, adverse weather, carrier volume delays, etc). 

These dates assume approved gifts, recipient list, sign-off and payment of invoice prior to launching the program and 2 weeks for recipient gift acceptance. Any Delays will result in a recalculation of your estimated delivery dates.

Your Holiday Checklist


gift value, shipping, order processing

Recipient list

Gift theme or product types

sustainable, local, consumables, tech, alcohol

Branding considerations

logo on products, notecards, etc


for gift recipient notifications and gift-in-hand dates

Recipients per country

number of countries and delivery locations

Brand Guidelines

for digital assets


Seamless Gifting

Digital Recipient



Branded unboxing items (stickers, note card, boxes) only available for bulk campaigns, not recipient choice programs.


Tips to success

this holiday season:


Confirm your gifts by October 31st to secure gift inventory


Consider pairing a thoughtfully branded item with a non-branded item


Engage your colleagues to streamline gifting within your organization


Cold temperatures in winter months may cause shipping delays for liquid items that can freeze in transit


Let your recipient provide their up to date delivery address to avoid delays


Highlight your company's core values by working with our curation team to identify gifts that are memorable


Gifts with alcohol have state/ province shipping limitations and require a signature upon delivery

Ways to

send your gift

(no ship-to address required)

Email notifications with gift link

Your recipient receives a unique email and gift link. Each recipient will enter their preferred delivery details on a branded landing page via email notification sent by Giftagram. Enjoy personalizing a unique message for each recipient!

Universal gift link

Share one universal gift link with many. Your recipients will enter their preferred delivery details on a branded landing page via a link sent by you or someone on your team.

Direct to address

You provide the recipient's ship-to address.

Frequently asked questions

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