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Classic shapes meet of-the-moment details in The Calm Sit Set. A pair of layerable meditation cushions that allow yogis to sit longer and relax deeper. The smaller of the two meditation cushions, The Calm Meditation Cushion gently raises the hips so they can sit taller and minimize discomfort in the seat, legs, and spine. The Calm Zabuton adds 4 more inches of lift while keeping knees, feet, and ankles snug. With a phone pocket on the cushion and an array of fabric styles to choose from, this is the perfect pairing for modern-day meditation.

• The Calm Meditation Cushion
• The Calm Zabuton

Made in Canada
Cushion - 13" L x 13" W x 6" H
Zabuton - 30" L x 24" W x 4" H

B Yoga's elevated yoga and fitness essentials are made for all the ways people work out and go within. Morning meditation. Lunchtime HIIT. Bedtime stretch. Their signature B MAT and other props and lifestyle goods help bring any boutique class experience home.

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