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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Compartes, gifting a California dream through Chocolate

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

3 colourful images of compartes chocolates.

Like the cocoa bean at the base of its confections, the Compartes chocolate company started small. Founded in 1950 as an “old-school” Los Angeles candy shop, Compartes would eventually form itself into a new mold, one infused with artistic vision and epicurean elegance.

image of compartes founder Jonathan Grahm in a black t-shirt and green compartes apron.

Behind that transformation is Jonathan Grahm, the Charlie to the Compartes chocolate factory legacy. After joining the family business at the age of 15, Grahm’s creative energy inspired him to take the company beyond confections and into the worlds of art, fashion and entertainment. Compartes has teamed up with big names like Gucci, The Oscars, Saks 5th Ave, and The Emmys to create special chocolates that showcase their brands.

“Compartes is me,” said Grahm in an interview with American Lifestyle. “It’s the reflection of all my passions for art, food, design, fashion, and travel, so the brand and the chocolate are constantly evolving and growing just as I am. I started making chocolate at fifteen, and at twenty-one, I reinvented Compartes with new branding and new recipes. About two or three years ago, I redid everything, and remodeled the store. There is a constant evolution and growth with Compartes that reflects my personal life and personality.”

3 image blocks with a red velvet chocolate bar on red blanket, dried fruit covered in chocolate and a white chocolate bar.

Celebratory handcrafted flavors

yellow chocolate box with multi-colour designed chocolates

Inspired by the colors and flavors of his native California, Grahm loves nothing more than perusing local farmer’s markets in search of inspiration. “I like to think of myself as a culinary explorer,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “My medium, of course, is chocolate.”

Compartes frequently features California-grown oranges, blueberries and strawberries in their truffles, as well as a rotating cast of unique ingredients such as saffron, pink pepper, 18-year-old single malt whisky, lavender, limequat, smoked sea salt, fresh rose petals, balsamic vinegar and Kona coffee.

hands holding 2 chocolate bars with palm tree designed packaging on a pink blanket.

As whimsical as its truffles are sophisticated, Compartes chocolate bars capture the joy and nostalgia of childhood. Popular bar flavors include donut, potato chip, strawberry shortcake, brownie, birthday cake, s’more, apple pie, churros and horchata, caramelized popcorn and “cereal bowl,” a crunchy mix of white chocolate, cornflakes, marshmallows and colorful cereal bites.

You won’t find any conveyor belts, chocolate waterfalls or other high-tech gizmos at the Compartes chocolate studio. Instead, each batch is handcrafted in small quantities using fresh ingredients.

Inspirational packaging

Cocoa has long been a canvas for creative chocolatiers, but the trend of wrapping artisanal chocolate flavors in art-inspired packaging is relatively new, and Grahm is at the forefront of it. In fact, his own art is featured on many of the company’s vibrant wrappers.

“Why create boring chocolate when you can create chocolates to be remembered?” he says. More than pretty packaging, Grahm’s artful designs have been featured in Vogue magazine and the Smithsonian Museum.

4 types of creating compartes chocolate packaging.

Corporate gifting calls for Compartes chocolates

Why choose between giving beauty or flavor when you can offer both? The name ‘Compartes’ comes from the Spanish word for 'sharing,' and that’s exactly what these delectable chocolates are made for.

Employee gifting

With flavors as unique as each employee, Compartes chocolates demonstrate gratitude for

your team members’ hard work. Impress them with a thoughtful gift that caters to their varied tastes.

Choose from the Luxe 40-Piece Signature Truffles Gift Box with a rotating selection of classic and seasonal flavors, or the LA Chocolate Bar Collection, featuring creative bars stuffed with pieces of donut, potato chip, strawberry shortcake and brownie.

black compartes chocolate box with multicolour designed chocolates and a donut themed chocolate box with 4 multi-colored chocolate bars.

Client gifting

Give your clients a taste of your attention to detail and commitment to quality with Compartes' handcrafted chocolates. If the unique flavors don’t remind them of your creative approach to problem-solving, at least your gift will demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration.

Showcase your generosity with Ultimate Chocolate Gift Tower, a sumptuous collection of handcrafted chocolates artfully arranged in a stunning multi-tiered tower and featuring a variety of the brand's best-loved chocolate bars, truffles, chocolate-dipped fruit and other treats. Or treat them to the Luxe Treasures of the Orchard Gift Box, a colorful selection of chocolate-dipped fruits, including California-grown dates, apricots, peaches, pears, pineapples and more.

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a chocolate gift box with bon bons, chocolate pieces and chocolate bars. And a blue and orange box with assorted chocolates


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