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Your Guide to Employee Gifting & Employee Recognition

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Sending a meaningful gift is the perfect way to show your employees recognition and that you notice them, care about them, and value their contribution to the company. Employees who receive meaningful gifts are more motivated and productive, and also bring in a higher morale at work. Showing your employees that you appreciate them will improve overall work performance, internal company rating, employee retention and more.

Take a read through our gift guide to learn more about employee gifting, why it’s important, and how you can implement a best-in-class gifting program into your company.

an open gift box with charcuterie accessories and a white notecard

Reward Your Team

Is your team working on an intense project and all team members are putting out fires, meeting deadlines and burning the midnight oil? If your employee closed a big deal, finished a large project or has shown growth within their position - show appreciation for their hard work and dedication with a celebratory gift.

Gifting today has evolved to include a more personalized approach, with gifts tailored to reflect your company’s culture and values; gifts are specially curated to let your employees feel appreciated. A thoughtful gift represents your company to your employees - so try to think beyond the something standard. Giftagram works with over five hundred (500) brands and thousands of products that represent best-in-class, local and social causes - to help you get your message across.

Gift Recommendation:

Saje Wellness: Prioritizing pure and clean ingredients above all else, Saje Wellness believes in nature and its ability to soothe ailments, calm the mind and invoke feelings of joy—that’s why they make plant-based products to power every aspect of your life.

6 saje scent bottles on top of a grey box

Employee Recognition and Milestone Gifts

There’s something to be said about getting a desk full of company-branded gifts on the first day of your new job - it makes the first day of work both exciting and memorable. How do you keep that feeling alive beyond the branded swag? Celebrate all milestones at work from work anniversaries to wedding gifts with Giftagram's GiftCenter. Make your employees feel appreciated by celebrating career and personal milestones. Feeling valued beyond work keeps company morale high.

Giftagram’s Corporate Gifting platform for employees connects to HCM’s such as Workday, BambooHR, ADP and HiBob, and can automatically send to your employees based on their start date, birthday, or anniversaries. You can create Gifting programs that you set-and-forget, never missing out on showing your staff you appreciate them! You can select either gifts from our marketplace, or work with Giftagram to build out a custom curated program for your staff. Surprise and delight your staff through programmatic gifting.

Gift Recommendation:

Stumptown Passport Trio: The Passport Trio is your coffee trip around the world. When we think about coffee as an experience of pleasure, this is what we mean.

a slightly open black box showing a coffee bean bag

Surprise and Delight

The most memorable gifts are the ones that you don’t expect. Surprise your employees and show appreciation with a surprise and delight gift. Show them that you care about them beyond work and hours with a mix of branded products and curated gifts.

Celebrate the beginning of summer with an elevated cocktail kit or prioritize mental health by sending a well-being self care package to your employees. The Giftagram team can help you curate a gift where employees will be directed to a branded recipient landing page to complete their whole experience and wait in delight.

an array of colorfully packaged chocolate bars

Gift Recommendation:

Raaka Chocolate: Raaka makes unroasted dark chocolate from scratch, progressively sourcing single origin cacao beans and crafting recipes that celebrate each cacao’s distinct flavor profile. The cocoa is sourced directly from single estate farms, farmer owned cooperatives, and grower centered organizations. All chocolate is certified organic, certified non-gmo, kosher, and free of gluten and soy.

Retention Rate

Did you know that 90% is considered a good retention rate for a company with an average being anywhere from 70% - 90%. Employee retention is important for many reasons. Clients and employees like to build relationships with individuals. From a client standpoint, it builds trust and reliability. It makes work more seamless and communication becomes smoother. From a company standpoint, retaining employees saves time and resources on training to become knowledgeable on product and services offered.

Retaining loyal employees has become more of a challenge with employers using companies as a stepping stone to get to the next level of their career. With so many new start-ups, and company growths, it’s no surprise that retention is becoming more difficult. Employees are looking beyond a good company culture with a ping pong table and free lunches. With Giftagram's first in class service, we can help increase your company’s retention rate with gifts from mental wellness to personal growth.

Gift Recommendation:

Karst Journal + Caran d’Ache Pen: Thoughtfully designed. Sustainably made. Purpose-built. We take dust and make paper. We combine calcium carbonate with resin. Add heat and pressure. And create something new. A velvet writing surface. Impossibly smooth. Impervious to liquid. Infinitely stronger. All from dust!

a cream notebook and black pen with packaging

Employee Satisfaction and Attracting Talent

Attracting talent and increasing employee satisfaction has pivoted with hybrid work models, competitive wages, in-home office and grocery allowance, a work-life balance and additional perks. How can employee gifting help reduce employee turnover and increase company satisfaction rankings?

Celebrating key moments, personally and professionally and showing gratification such as a birthday, work anniversary, new addition to the family, or retirement, how you treat your employees reflects on the company overall from client reputation and attracting new talent. Employee gifting can also improve your company online reviews, increasing SEO and attracting new talent and clients.

5 metal water bottles in black, dark blue, lightblue, pink and white

Gift Recommendations:

Larq Water Bottle: Quench your thirst with germ-busting PureVis™ or Nano Zero filtration. There’s a bottle for everyone! Intelligently activates every 2 hours to keep your water and bottle stink-free. Where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to help people access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably.

Masterclass subscription: Learn from the most inspiring artists, leaders, and icons in the world. Give a gift that helps people grow with online classes taught by the world’s best.

a laptop with Masterclass logo on the screen

Experience the Giftagram Difference

Giftagram makes it easy to show appreciation through memorable unboxing experiences. Their full-service corporate gifting platform allows users to effortlessly send gifts, manage delivery progress, and track spending. Choose from thousands of premium and best in-class gifts, hand picked by their curation team. Click here to learn about plans and pricing.


Corporate gifting made easy

Track and manage gifting campaigns company-wide with the GiftCenter platform.

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