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  • Kathy Song

Corporate Gifting for Virtual Events

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

laptop with 9 people on a virtual call and a black Giftagram branded box next to it

With social distancing still in effect, virtual events have become a popular way to stay connected with clients and employees. While there is no replacement for in-person get-togethers, there are some advantages to moving events online. Hosting virtual events does not require large food or event space budgets. They are also more convenient, requiring no travel time for guests to be able to attend.

Virtual events can also be a data machine for gathering different insights on client and prospect attendees that are not captured with in-person events. From the moment an attendee arrives, it’s possible to track every interest and interaction. Funnel this data into your CRM for a clear image of where each attendee stands in their customer journey.

Here are a few ideas for virtual events, whether it’s holidays parties, conferences, award ceremonies or incentive travel, where Giftagram can work with you to create unique and memorable experiences for your guests:

Wine or Whiskey tasting, Mixologist class

Let Giftagram provide you with our white glove service from curating everything you need for a memorable tasting experience from the glassware, curated wine and spirits, pairings, educational collateral, and best-in-class hosts and expert.


Stay on top of the networking circuit and stay connected with your attendees, speakers and sponsors in a meaningful way. Giftagram allows you to send an instant gift notification and physical gifts that helps continue the conversation after the event and keep you top of mind.

Award Ceremonies

More than ever do employees and clients need to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. In-person gala, congratulate a graduate, retiree or employee by sending a Giftagram that includes a certificate, plaque or trophy and curated gifts to celebrate an important milestone.


Send your employees to a wellness retreat without ever leaving the comfort of home. We curate yoga, blocks, bands, branded water bottles, healthy snacks, intention journal, meditation subscription. Giftagram can facilitate a group morning yoga and meditation session to give employees the opportunity to share an experience together that will lift their spirits and boost productivity.

Gourmet Experience

Preparing a meal as a group using locally sourced ingredients is a fun and creative way for your employees or clients to enjoy some time together. A perfectly assembled food box led by local or celebrity chefs and a delicious meal. Giftagram’s curated food boxes are the ultimate way to bond.

Whether it’s holidays parties, conferences, award ceremonies or incentive travel, Giftagram can help your organization enhance the virtual experiences by combining a curated box that ties your Zoom Meeting or Google Hangout with something physical, increasing engagement and thoughtfulness.

Experience the Giftagram Difference

Giftagram makes it easy to show appreciation through memorable unboxing experiences. Their full-service corporate gifting platform allows users to effortlessly send gifts, manage delivery progress, and track spending. Choose from thousands of premium and best in-class gifts, hand picked by their curation team. Click here to learn about plans and pricing.


Corporate gifting made easy

Track and manage gifting campaigns company-wide with the GiftCenter platform.

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