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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Top Holiday Gifts Under $75

Holiday gifting doesn’t mean we have to break the bank to show our employees and clients we appreciate them. In fact, some of the most memorable and impactful gifts come with a modest price tag. The key to a successful corporate gift lies not in its cost but its thoughtfulness, and a sentiment that is more impactful than a high ticket gift could.

In an economy where budgets are scrutinized, the challenge to get creative with gifts actually becomes an opportunity—to explore unique and thoughtful ways to show appreciation to employees, clients, and partners.

While the holiday season is often synonymous with opulence and extravagance, our curated list of the top corporate holiday gifts under $75 is proof that thoughtful gifting is alive and well, even in a tight economic landscape. From handcrafted goods that tell a story to sustainable options that align with your company's values, we’ve rounded up a collection of affordable gifts that offer a fresh perspective on what it means to give meaningfully. Stay tuned as we reveal budget-friendly options that don't skimp on impact.

Fable Mugs Speckled White - $65

Introducing "The Mugs" by Fable, a gift that combines form, function, and ethical responsibility in a single elegant package. As a brand committed to sustainability, Fable crafts these mugs using recycled clay and eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that your corporate gifting aligns with values of environmental stewardship. Beyond their sustainable allure, "The Mugs" offer a timeless design and top-notch durability, making them a lasting reminder of your appreciation. They serve as the perfect corporate gift—unique, practical, and in harmony with the social responsibility goals that today's businesses strive to achieve.

Firebelly Tea The Best Sellers Bundle - $49

Step into the enriching world of tea with "The Taster Pack Bundle'' by Firebelly Tea. Created by a brand dedicated to sustainability, each tea in this curated bundle is sourced responsibly and delivered in home-compostable packaging. In a commitment to quality and authenticity, Firebelly uses only real, high-quality ingredients, eschewing artificial flavorings that are common with most tea brands. The Taster Pack offers a sophisticated array of aromatic blends, making it a fantastic corporate gift that speaks volumes about your company's dedication to quality and social responsibility. Not only do you gift the comforting ritual of tea, but you also endorse values like self-care and environmental stewardship, seamlessly aligning with the corporate ethos of today's conscientious organizations.

Santa Barbara Gift Co. California Crafted Treats Gift Box - $50

Indulge in the luxury and local flavors of the "California Crafted Treats Gift Box" by Santa Barbara Gift Co. As a woman-owned business, every box is thoughtfully curated to include a unique blend of handpicked, artisanal treats that capture the essence of California living. With an eye for quality and a heart for supporting local producers, the founder ensures that each product not only delights the senses but also aligns with the values of the modern, discerning consumer. This makes the gift box an exceptional choice for corporate gifting, providing an authentic, elegant, and memorable experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It reflects not just good taste, but also the values of community and craftsmanship, making it a highly effective way to convey appreciation and build meaningful relationships in a corporate setting.

Native Union Drop Wireless Charger - $49

Experience the seamless fusion of high performance, aesthetic design, and sustainability with the "Drop Wireless Charger" by Native Union. This tech brand is committed to elevating modern living through products that are both elegant and functional. The Drop Wireless Charger offers fast and efficient charging capabilities, wrapped in a sleek, minimalist design that complements any workspace. Built with eco-friendly, non-slip silicone and aircraft-grade aluminum, it not only looks good but is also made with sustainability in mind. For corporate gifting, this charger represents the epitome of thoughtful modern utility. It provides a daily touchpoint of convenience and luxury, making it an excellent way to impress valued clients and employees alike, while subtly reinforcing your company's commitment to quality and sustainable living.

andSons Signature Collection - $69

Discover the "Signature Collection" by andSons, a family-owned business with a mission to modernize classic European chocolate-making traditions. Infusing time-honored techniques with contemporary flair, the "Signature Collection" offers a delectable range of artisan chocolates that tantalize the taste buds while engaging the eyes with their impeccable design. Perfect for corporate gifting, this curated collection strikes a balance between luxury and craftsmanship, serving as an elegant testament to your organization's taste and appreciation for fine quality. Not only does this sumptuous assortment delight the senses, but it also brings a touch of refined sophistication to any professional relationship, making it an ideal choice for building and maintaining connections in the corporate world.


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