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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Thoughtful Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

Updated: Mar 8

Employee Appreciation Day is an event observed on the first Friday in March, meant for employers to give thanks or recognition to their employees. Employee Appreciation Day has become an opportunity for managers, company leadership, and HR to remember the importance of appreciating employees for their hard work and dedication.

First created by Dr. Bob Nelson in 1995, National Employee Appreciation Day was part of his doctoral dissertation on why managers do or do not recognize their employees and has since helped thousands of companies create a culture of recognition in their organization with significant impacts on employee retention, performance and the ability to attract talent.

Humanizing the workplace and developing a culture of recognition can help in building and retaining world class teams. According to research by Workhuman, 73% of remote workers with companies who acknowledged their wins, and celebrated personal life events felt more respected and appreciated compared to companies that did not. With many companies moving towards a hybrid or remote work environment, the employee experience will be a key factor in motivation and productivity.

To celebrate Employee Appreciation day, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 unique employee gifts.

Kanel Voyager Collection

With many people picking up new hobbies - cooking being one of them, the Kanel Voyager Collection is the perfect gift for the home chef on your team.

A trip around the world for their taste buds, this curated assortment of eight spice blends and sea salts is sure to inspire delicacies from just about every continent. Each jar is packaged in reusable amber glass jars and packaged in an FSC-certified box.

Province of Canada Happy Place Candle

Inspire happiness while working at home with Province of Canada’s Happy Place Candle.

Made in Canada, this hand poured candle is made with natural, non-GMO soy wax and has a 60 hour burn time. Clean and fresh notes with hints of chamomile and lavender evoke feelings of happiness and make for an inspiring workspace environment.

andSons Bedford Drive Gift Collection