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  • Kathy Song

The Benefits of Gifting Remote Employees

Updated: Mar 8

It has now been several months since many organizations initiated work-from-home policies due to COVID-19. This has been a tremendous adjustment for employees, who’ve had to rearrange daily schedules, turn living spaces into home offices, and balance child-care demands. Video calls, while an effective means of communication, are no replacement for face-to-face social interaction between co-workers. It has become more difficult for managers to have spontaneous conversations, provide feedback, and recognize hard work without the ability to pop by someone’s desk. It is now more important than ever for employers to maintain a sense of connection with their employees.

An unexpected gift creates a meaningful touchpoint that can transcend physical distances. Whether your company is continuing to work remotely or planning a return to the office, here are the top 3 reasons why employee gifting is important.

Employee Recognition

From the moment an email gift notification is received, to the delivery of a Giftagram package at home, employees feel a sense of pride that they are valued by their organization. Feeling appreciated is the second-biggest driver of happiness for workers, per a survey conducted by staffing firm Robert Half, which evaluated more than 12,000 working professionals. Happy employees are more likely to stay motivated, and feel a sense of loyalty to their employer.

Giftagram can help improve workplace happiness. Our Gift Concierge works with you to create a memorable experience. Surprise and delight your employees today. Gift Suggestions:

CAN: Viva Nina Tea Set

USA: Verdant Garden by Lula’s Garden

A Sense of Safety

Employee gifting during uncertain times provides a sense of security and safety for employees. Shifting from an office environment where you got valuable face to face time with management and team members has shifted to virtual meetings, which can make an employee feel like they are at a disadvantage. In an unstable environment where unemployment is on the ride, many are living in fear that their own jobs may be at stake. Sending a Giftagram can help employees feel job security, allowing them to stay focused and feel comfortable while working remotely.

Giftagram is here for you while your employees are adjusting from an office environment to working from home. Our corporate platform makes it easy for you and your team to administer your gifting program, and send/track deliveries with no delivery address needed. Gift Suggestions:

CAN: Forno Cultura Coffee Giftbox

USA: Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Wristband

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