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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Tease Tea: Crafting Unique Blends for Change

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Tease Tea product line

Welcome to Tease Tea, a female-owned company with a simple vision - to create a global tea brand that champions sustainability, and empowers women. Almost a decade into its journey, it has become Founder Sheena's greatest endeavor.

Tease Tea founder Sheena

Sheena’s journey with Tease Tea began in 2013. After spending over a decade in the hospitality industry, she was ready for a new adventure. She wanted to combine her love for tea and desire to empower women into a meaningful venture. Inspired by her passion, Sheena took the leap and launched Tease Tea to champion her dreams, bridging her love for sustainability, community, and tea.

Fast forward to today, Tease Tea is more than just brewing a simple cup of tea. It represents a collection of thoughtfully crafted tea blends that are ethically sourced and sustainable. The brand's commitment goes beyond just creating high-quality tea. It’s also dedicated to supporting women's mental health and well-being by partnering with local charities and making a significant impact in the community.

three women drinking tease tea

Everyone plays a role at Tease Tea. From tea pickers who carefully handpick each leaf, to the team who diligently curates and blends the teas, and the customers who make sustainable choices by supporting the brand - each plays a part in fulfilling Tease Teas' mission. Sheena's relentless commitment and passion for her brand shine through in every aspect of the company, right from creating the perfect blends to designing impactful social initiatives. Tease tea is indeed a blend of taste, sustainability, and social responsibility.

tease tea product and tea bag in cup

At Tease Tea, every individual plays a significant role in the company's mission. The process starts with dedicated tea pickers who meticulously handpick each leaf, continues with the in-house team curating and blending the teas with precision, and is brought full circle by conscientious customers choosing sustainability by supporting the brand. As a proud B Corp certified company, Tease Tea meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Sheena's passion and dedication radiate through all aspects of the company, from perfecting the tea blends to creating impactful social initiatives. Tease Tea embodies a harmonious fusion of exceptional taste, unwavering sustainability, and social responsibility.

tease tea products

Giftagram had the pleasure of connecting with founder Sheena Brady about Tease Tea and gifting:

tease tea packaging

What was the inspiration behind creating functional tea with botanical based essentials?

Sheena: When I founded Tease in 2013, I was working extremely long shifts in the hospitality industry. Serendipitously, I was tasked with creating Canada's best tea program for a well-known hotel and began my journey of becoming a Tea Sommelier. In the process, I amassed a love of tea and botanicals. Tease was built from my personal desire to improve my general health and wellbeing through intentional, daily rituals while enjoying the benefits of functional tea and botanicals as part of my journey.

What makes Tease a different and great gift?

Sheena: What makes Tease products an exceptional gift is their versatility and attention to detail. Each of our products are designed with functionality and versatility in mind, and we've worked hard to ensure each aspect of the Tease experience- from packaging and design to taste, quality and function - is elevated.

tease tea smart heated mug kit

What is your favorite Tease product to gift?

Sheena: My favorite Tease product to gift lately is our Smart Heated Mug Kit. Not only is it a thoughtful and impactful gift for any and everyone; it's a functional, versatile tech accessory that makes consuming our wellness blends even more enjoyable. Whether you work from home or in an office, the tech-enabled base and sleek design makes it one of our best-selling gifts.

tease tea duchess of earl

What inspires the unique flavors of Tease Teas?

Sheena: The uniqueness of each of our blends are inspired by the many functional tea and botanical ingredients we use. Each blend is expertly formulated to have a balanced, flavor-rich profile that everyone will enjoy while supporting their health & wellness goals.

We love that Tease Tea is a B Corp. company. Why was this certification important to Tease and what does it mean to be a part of it?

Sheena: Tease has been a Social Enterprise since conception; we've always had our social purpose built into the fabric of our business, and obtaining our Benefit Corporation Certification was a natural step forward in validating our current efforts while challenging our future efforts simultaneously.

certified b corporation logo

Being a certified B Corp impacts the way we make every decision. From employee onboarding, training, development and support policies that ensure safe and fair treatment of all of our staff, to supplier agreements and audits that verify aligned values, safety and environmental standards, being B Corp certified is foundational for how we operate and grow Tease.


Unique Tease Tea gifts for corporate gifting

tease tea discovery kit

The Tease Discovery Kit

A voyage through flavors, The Tease Discovery Kit is an invitation to explore the exquisite world of tea. A curated selection of seven premium loose-leaf teas is sourced globally and packaged in an elegantly designed kit. Each tea variant is hand-picked, aiming to cater to the different preferences of every tea lover - from robust black tea to soothing herbal infusions, this kit has it all.

This kit offers a delightful way to understand the delicate nuances and rich complexities of different tea varieties, making it an excellent choice for both beginners embarking on their tea journey and aficionados expanding their palate.

tease tea essentials kit

The Essentials Kit

Tea enthusiasts know that brewing a perfect cup of tea requires more than just premium leaves, and that's where The Essentials Kit from Tease Tea comes into play. It contains everything you need to brew the perfect cup - a unique stainless steel infuser, a handmade borosilicate glass mug, and three artisanal tea blends.

This kit ensures not just the perfect steep, but also a mesmerizing visual experience of the brewing process, transforming tea time into a ritual of relaxation. Whether you're a seasoned tea drinker or a novice, this kit will enhance your tea drinking experience, bringing the sophistication of a tea house into the comfort of your own home.

tease tea self care gift set

The Self-Care Gift Set

Immerse them in a blissful self-care ritual with Tease Tea’s Self-Care Gift Set. This meticulously curated ensemble evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation, seamlessly merging flavor and fragrance for a soothing experience. The set features an exquisite assortment of wellness teas, an elegant teacup, and other delightful surprises designed to enrich your tea time.

The Self-Care Gift Set acts not just as an indulgence, but also as an embodiment of serenity and self-love. From a moment of solitude or sharing this serene journey with loved ones, the Self-Care Gift Set by Tease Tea offers a distinctive and calming way to unwind and savor the moment.


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