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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Revolutionize Corporate Gifting with Firebelly Tea: Where Quality Meets Mindfulness

Dive into a world where gifting transcends the ordinary and transforms into a powerful, holistic experience—welcome to the essence of Firebelly Tea. The creation of co-founder David Segal, who once steered the helm at DavidsTea, Firebelly Tea emerges as a tribute to a lifelong passion for curating exceptional tea experiences.

After leaving DavidsTea, David couldn't stray far from the world of aromatic blends and harmonious rituals. His love for tea collection and curation led him to create Firebelly Tea—a brand reflective of what he personally drinks and uses every day. With eye-catching offerings like "Meet Your Matcha," and the stand-out "Movers & Shakers" travel mug, Firebelly gifts offer a modern, mindful twist to the age-old act of gifting.

What sets Firebelly Tea apart in the increasingly cluttered space of corporate gifting? It's the brand's commitment to quality, authenticity, and mindfulness, values deeply instilled by David Segal himself. Each Firebelly Tea product serves as a potent emblem of self-care and sustainability, designed to align seamlessly with the corporate values of today. The brand's meticulous attention to real, high-quality ingredients and smartly designed accessories offers not just a gift, but a daily practice of self-care, all while aligning with the modern day virtues of sustainability and genuine quality. Whether you're looking to impress clients, reward employees, or forge meaningful business relationships, Firebelly Tea infuses the timeless grace of tea into the dynamic pulse of today's corporate world.

Giftagram had the pleasure of talking with David Segal, Founder and CEO of Firebelly Tea, about his pivot from David’s Tea and gifting:

What is your favorite Firebelly Tea product to gift?

David: That’s like asking me to pick my favourite kid! But I’m going to go with our Movers & Shakers which is travel mug paired with a 3 tea sampler. Our travel mug incorporates so many unique design considerations - it’s 100% leakproof (it actual is!), you can make hot or iced tea, you can stop & start the infusion, there’s a splash guard so that you don’t get water on your nose in the car when you brake, and the powder coated metal feels great in your hands.

Why does Firebelly Tea make a great corporate gift?

David: The gifting space has really been dominated by flowers, chocolates, and alcohol. Those are great gifts, but tea sends an entirely different message. The ritual of tea is powerful. It can be energizing, rejuvinating and relaxing. It can also be social, and connect you with family and friends. What makes Firebelly teas so unique is that we don't use any flavourings - artificial, “natural”, or otherwise that are common with most tea brands and contain unlisted additives. We only use real, high quality ingredients in our teas. Plus our tea accessories are unique, modern, and full of smart features. Firebelly is about making the best teas and tea accessories on the planet!

After leaving DavidsTea, what kept you fueled to build Firebelly Tea?

David: I love tea! I collect it like some people collect wine. I just couldn’t stay away from it for long. I missed curating tea collections for people. With Firebelly, I get to create only teas and tea products that I personally drink and use each and every day.

What are the benefits of drinking

Firebelly Tea?

David: Great question. We offer beautiful organic loose leaf teas with only the highest quality ingredients. There are so many different health benefits with tea and the herbs used in tea - you could drink matcha for sustained energy and antioxidants (shameless plug - ours is the best ceremonial grade matcha I’ve ever had!). You could drink our No Ordinary Joe with mate and dandelion root which is great for both a focused energy and digestion. You could drink our Good Root tea with real ginger, turmeric, and galangal root which is also great for digestion but will soothe your throat as well. You could drink our Crowd Pleaser tea which tastes amazing with real Madagascar vanilla pods. All of our teas are special in their own way, and tea as a beverage has many health benefits, amazing flavours, and best of all no calories or sugar.

What does sustainability mean to Firebelly Tea?

David: We are always mindful of how we can be more sustainable as a brand. Our teas are delivered in home compostable packaging. Loose leaf tea eliminates the microplastics of traditional teabags. Nearly all of our teas are USDA organic. We only use real ingredients so you will not find any preservatives or additives in our teas.

Firebelly Tea follows the 3:20 Ritual. What is this ritual and what are your top tips for fitting tea into our daily lives?

David: 3:20 is this idea that we should all have a moment to ourselves each day for self-care. It’s an opportunity to take a pause, re-focus, and connect with ourselves.


Here are some of our favorite thoughtful gift ideas from Firebelly Tea:

Meet Your Matcha

The "Meet Your Matcha" set from Firebelly Tea serves as a perfect corporate gift that captures the essence of elegance, well-being, and meticulous craftsmanship. This high-quality ceremonial grade matcha offers a bevy of health benefits, from sustained energy to potent antioxidants, reflecting the corporate values of wellness and productivity. Beyond its healthful attributes, gifting "Meet Your Matcha" also sends a message of mindfulness and self-care, resonating deeply in a business culture that increasingly values work-life balance and mental well-being.

The Must-Have

The "Must-Have" set from Firebelly Tea provides an all-encompassing tea experience, making it an ideal corporate gift for fostering relationships and showing appreciation. With its curated blend of organic, high-quality ingredients, it embodies a commitment to excellence and attention to detail that resonates in the business world. Plus, the absence of artificial flavorings and the focus on sustainability align with corporate values of environmental responsibility and quality, making it more than just a gift, but a statement.

Movers & Shakers

The Firebelly Tea "Movers & Shakers" set, featuring a 100% leak-proof travel mug and a three-tea sampler, is the perfect corporate gift for the busy professional on the go. Its unique design considerations—like the ability to stop and start infusion, and a splash guard for on-the-road sipping—underscore a commitment to quality and functionality that will be appreciated in any corporate setting. Not only does this set offer a luxurious tea experience, but it also communicates the essence of mindfulness and well-being, aligning it with corporate cultures that value work-life balance and employee wellness.

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