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Raising a glass to non-alcoholic drinks with Boisson

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

a variety of non-alcoholic alcohol bottles on different sized height blocks

Friends and co-workers Nick Bodkins and Barrie Arnold were working in insurance in the early

days of the the pandemic when they started experimenting with non-alcoholic drinks. Bodkins,

who describes himself as “sober curious” was inspired by his wife, who was pregnant at the

time and forgoing alcohol. During this time, non-alcoholic, alcohol-inspired beverages generated record sales during this period. In 2021 Nielsen data cited in Forbes showed the sector growing a whopping 506% since 2015.

headshot of man with brown hair in a blazer

Whether you’re just taking a break from alcohol, sober curious (exploring the idea of sobriety or of drinking less, also called ‘going damp’), California sober (forgoing alcohol but not cannabis), pregnant, or just looking for some cool new flavors to quaff, non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits are a great choice.

With several brick-and-mortar stores in New York and California and a thriving online business, Boisson serves all three from a global variety of brewers, distillers and craft makers.

Giftagram recently had the pleasure of chatting with head of e-commerce Arielle Heyman, who spilled the tea (errr, non-alcoholic wine) on Boisson:

Giftagram: What makes Boisson a different and great gift?

Arielle: We believe the drink is about more than the alcohol. In 2018, the CDC reported that almost 34% of Americans don't drink alcohol and that number continues to grow, as well as the number of people continuing to moderate their alcohol intake.

A non-alcoholic gift represents inclusivity, allowing the recipient to be a part of the ritual of drinking while giving them the option to take a night, month, or forever off from the hard stuff. Plus, many of our options can be mixed with alcohol to create lower-alcohol-by-volume (ABV) versions of your favorite cocktails.

When you choose to gift from Boisson, you know that you're sharing the most premium non-alcoholic products out there.

pink bottle of non-alcoholic champagne with a peach and various plants around it

Giftagram: What is your favorite Boisson product to gift?

Arielle: For people new to the world of non-alcoholic, or non-alcoholic, I like to start them off with a de-alcoholized, sparkling wine, like French Bloom.

Everyone loves the elevated feeling a little bit of bubbly adds to any moment, and that carbonation works as an amazing flavor agent in place of the alcohol. It's also very simple to chill a bottle and pour yourself a glass, warding away any intimidations.

On the other hand, for those who like to experiment, our cocktail kits and discovery bundles are really fun for the at-home mixologist.

Giftagram: What inspired the opening of a non-alcoholic beverage brand?

Arielle: While Nick’s wife was trying to conceive, in solidarity he joined her in not drinking and began experimenting with non-alcoholic options. This was also during the pandemic when many people were reconsidering their relationship with alcohol and wanting to improve their overall wellbeing.

As a result, we discovered a world of amazing alternatives and set out to open a one-stop shop with easily accessible options in a welcoming, judgment-free zone that sparks curiosity.

non-alcoholic alcohol bottle with a weight, orange and black stiletto heel surrounding it

Giftagram: Where do you see the non-alcoholic beverage industry going over the next few years?

Arielle: The rise of the non-alcoholic movement is continuing to soar with the market reaching $3.3B in sales in 2021 and projected growth of over 28% by 2025, according to IWSR data.

With celebrities like Zac Efron, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez touting alcohol-free or low-alcohol lifestyles and a new global study finding that young people under 40 should not drink alcohol at all, I think Millennial and Gen Z consumers looking to abandon alcohol or just imbibe a buzzy beverage option sans the hangover are clamoring for elevated non-alcoholic spirits, wine, and beer brands, bottle shops and bars.


The low and no-alcohol drinks industry as a whole

The trends agree with Arielle Heyman: Many people who’ve come to enjoy the flavors and social aspects of drinking alcohol want to maintain those benefits without the adverse health effects.

a martni glass with a red themed background and a pink purse with lipstick next to it

Global Markets Insights, a market research consultancy, notes that the non-alcoholic beer market alone is expected

to be worth more than $40 billion by 2032. And while improving health is often cited as a driver of this trend, saving money isn’t.

Made with many of the same ingredients and processes as their booze-containing counterparts, non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits are purposefully grownup drinks with complex flavors. That they also have the price tag to match is not a deterrent, according to CNBC.

Forget the watery non-alcoholic beers and grape-forward non-alcoholic wines of yesteryear: Today’s low- and no-ABV bevvies are sophisticated sippers for adult palates.

a styled spread of alcohol paraphernalia and books

a cocktail glass facing a mirror

Why non-alcoholic drinks make a great gift

Whether you need a gift idea for a close friend who is sober or sober-curious or you’re selecting gifts for a corporate gifting or employee gifting program, non-alcoholic drinks from Boisson are a solid choice.

Packaged and carefully brewed, distilled or blended to carry the same celebratory connotations of alcohol, they’re not just healthier, they’re often cooler, presenting creative flavors that invite experimentation. Plus they’re inclusive, a thoughtful gift for both alcohol-avoiders and imbibers alike.

Here are some of our gifting

faves from Boisson:

bottle of alcohol free sparkling wine

The gentle curves of this beautiful bottle glimmer pale pink, beckoning celebration. Halal-certified, low in sugar and sulfite free, this sparkling rose gold beverage from the south of France brings a palate of rose petals, fresh berries and white peach.

2 bottles of alcohol free bitters

Bursting with botanical flavors, this bundle includes Wilderton’s Lustre and Earthen non-alcoholic cocktail bases. With notes of bitter orange, tarragon and lavender, Earthen is bright and tangy with a lingering finish. Meanwhile Earthen delights with white peppercorn, pine-smoked tea and cardamom for an exotic, spicy sipper with a warm finish.

2 bottles of alcohol free whiskey

For the scotch or whiskey aficionado who’s taking a break from the hard stuff comes Gnista’s dark and intense alcohol alternatives. Dry, smoky Barreled Oak is infused with the character of oak barrel and warm with spices, chocolate and rye notes. Floral Wormwood is lighter, with bitter wormwood, herbaceous green notes and hints of orange peel and flowers.

overhead shot of a martini glass with orange peel in it on an orange platter

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