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  • Kathy Song

How to give carbon neutral employee gifts with Giftagram and UPS

Updated: Mar 8

Unless you’ve been living in a (perfectly-packaged) gift box for the last decade, it’s clear: sustainability matters as much to your employees as it does to your long-term bottom line. Sustainability has become an important part of everyday living and is growing rapidly with the way users think about household products, packaging, and the gifts they send.

Luckily, acknowledging employees through corporate gifting programs can be an environmentally friendly act, especially when you work with a gifting platform such as Giftagram that has sustainability built into their DNA.

So, what does it mean to be carbon neutral? And how can you ensure your corporate recognition programs give back to your employees and support the planet they live on?

Read on to learn more about carbon neutrality, and to get our top tips for sustainable staff appreciation.

What is carbon neutral?

When we think about sustainable approaches, the ‘three Rs’ often come to mind: reduce, reuse, recycle. But carbon neutrality is a bit different—it’s less about avoiding environmental impacts and more about recognizing and balancing them. Some common words you’ll hear to describe this concept are: offset, defer, and mitigate.

Being carbon neutral means acknowledging that some of the standards we all rely on—deliveries by gas-fueled trucks and vans, for instance—come at an environmental cost.

The future may be electric, but our present isn’t, and a carbon-neutral approach balances each environmental cost, like fossil fuel use, against an equal benefit, like planting new forests.

Giftagram wants sending a gift to be easy for you and thoughtful for our planet. When you send presents with us now, you’re minimizing negative future environmental consequences, for gifts that truly keep giving for generations and years to come.

What does UPS’ carbon neutral delivery program look like?

Giftagram cares about climate change, which is why we use UPS carbon neutral shipments for all our deliveries.

Through its carbon-neutral delivery program, UPS has committed to planting 50 million trees around the world by 2030, invested 1 billion dollars towards research in alternative fuels and advanced technology, introduced e-bikes in the UK, and