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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Top Realtor Client Holiday Gifts

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

How to choose impactful gifts

In the real estate realm, the closing on a home often marks the beginning of a lifelong relationship between realtors and their clients. The holidays present a golden opportunity for realtors to strengthen these bonds, turning houses into homes filled with warmth and memorable moments. Selecting the perfect holiday gift showcases the genuine care and gratitude felt for a client's trust in their monumental home-buying journey.

Gifting, in the context of real estate, is more than just a festive formality—it's an art that can significantly impact the client-realtor relationship. The perfect gift reflects a realtor's understanding of their client's tastes, their dedication to exceptional service, and their hopes for the client's future in the new space. This holiday season, as realtors across the globe scout for gifts that strike the perfect chord, we've curated a list of top holiday gifts that promise to make this year truly unforgettable for every client.

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Brightland The Duo Olive Oil Set - $74

The Brightland The Duo Olive Oil Set is more than just another culinary gift; it's an experience of refined taste and sophistication. As a handcrafted set, it embodies artisanal quality and celebrates the essence of rich olives, making it an excellent gift for any discerning palate. For realtors seeking to leave a memorable impression on their clients, this set speaks volumes. Gifting "The Duo" is symbolic of a relationship rooted in quality, trust, and the promise of new beginnings, much like the journey of buying a home. Every time the client uses these olive oils, they'll be reminded of the thoughtful gesture and the realtor who made their home-buying experience exceptional.

Tartan Blanket Co. Recycled Wool Blanket - $110

The Tartan Blanket Co.'s Recycled Wool Blanket is a delightful blend of tradition, comfort, and eco-consciousness. Crafted from recycled wool, this blanket exudes warmth, both literally and figuratively. Its timeless tartan patterns resonate with a sense of home and nostalgia, making it an ideal piece to drape over a couch or snuggle up with during cold winter nights. For realtors, gifting this to clients is a symbol of warmth, welcoming them into their new abode with a touch of coziness. Furthermore, its sustainable nature underscores a commitment to environmentally responsible choices, emphasizing the thoughtfulness of the gift. As clients wrap themselves in this blanket, they're reminded of the realtor's genuine care and the heartfelt wishes that come with it, making their new house truly feel like a home.

Aarke Water Purifier - $150

The Aarke Water Purifier is a functional appliance; it's also the epitome of sleek design and sustainable living. Crafted with precision and a keen eye for aesthetics, this water purifier seamlessly integrates into modern kitchen spaces, offering not just purified water but also a touch of elegance. For realtors, gifting the Aarke Water Purifier to clients is a thoughtful way of saying, "Welcome to your new home, and here's to a healthier lifestyle." Every sip of pure, clean water becomes a testament to the realtor's commitment to their client's well-being. In an age where wellness and sustainability are paramount, this gift stands out.

Ettitude Linen Sheet Set - $369

The Ettitude Linen Sheet Set seamlessly combines luxury with sustainability, offering a sleeping experience like no other. Made from organic and ethically-sourced bamboo, these sheets are incredibly soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic, ensuring clients rest in unparalleled comfort. Their gentle, lustrous finish and premium feel elevate the aesthetics of any bedroom, turning it into a sanctuary of relaxation. Gifting the Ettitude Linen Sheet Set to clients serves as a profound gesture of wishing them countless nights of peaceful slumber in their new home. It emphasizes attention to detail, luxury, and an understanding of the importance of restful living. As clients slip into these sheets, they’ll indulge in opulent comfort and an excellent night’s sleep.

Simone LeBlanc Joyful Morning - $158

The Simone LeBlanc Joyful Morning gift set is a symphony of curated items designed to elevate the start of one's day. With meticulously chosen elements that evoke a sense of serenity and well-being, this set makes mornings a cherished ritual. Each component, from the artisanal morning blend tea to the aromatic home fragrances, whispers a luxurious invitation to pause, refresh, and revel in the dawn's tranquility. For realtors, gifting the Joyful Morning set is a heartwarming way of saying, "Welcome to your new beginning." It encourages clients to find moments of reflection and gratitude in their new abode, reminding them of the promise and potential every sunrise brings. In an industry where personal touches resonate deeply, this gift symbolizes new beginnings and joy in the clients’ new home.


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