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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

How to Choose Impactful Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is often marked by a flurry of festivities, warmth, and of course, gifting. For businesses, this is a prime opportunity to strengthen bonds with partners, clients, and employees. Yet, the art of choosing the right gift can feel daunting and overwhelming. An impactful gift is more than just a present; it's a reflection of appreciation, thoughtfulness, and the relationship's value. Here's our guide to help you navigate the nuances of selecting holiday gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Set Clear Goals

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to outline the goals of your holiday gifting. Start by asking what the primary intent behind the gift is. Are you aiming to deepen client relationships? Foster employee morale? Or maybe show gratitude to long-standing partners? By pinpointing your objectives, you can better tailor your gift choices and ensure they align with the intended sentiment. Quality and relevance come into play here. Make sure you select gifts of high caliber that highlight the value your company places on its relationships. Practicality is equally crucial. Gifts that can seamlessly integrate into the recipient's daily life, whether it's a tech gadget or gourmet treat, show your thoughtfulness and reduce the chances of waste.

“When planning holiday gifting, or any gifting program really, it’s important to define the objectives of your gifting strategy, whether it's building client relationships, boosting employee morale, or increasing brand visibility.”

- Jess Vu, Sr. Account Manager at Giftagram

Embrace Personalization

A gift should resonate with its recipient, and what better way to achieve this than by adding a personal touch? Personalization goes beyond just inscribing names. Elevate their unboxing moment by crafting an experience. Consider adding a handwritten note expressing gratitude for a past collaboration success, or a unique gift message that recounts a shared memory or inside joke. These layered touchpoints not only make your gift stand out but also demonstrate genuine care and attention to detail.

In the spirit of making your gift memorable, aligning it with the recipient's preferences should also be top of mind. Dive deep into understanding their likes, interests, and even aspirations. Is your client a coffee aficionado? A gourmet coffee sampler might be the perfect pick. Does your employee love reading? A collector’s edition of a best-seller can make their day. The idea is to mirror their personality or interests in your gift, making it more than just a token, but a symbol of acknowledgment.

Don’t forget that quality doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. There are many thoughtful gifts for any budget. For some inspiration, check out our Top Gifts Under $75 Gift Guide!

“Look for opportunities to personalize gifts, such as adding a handwritten note or gift message, and layered touch points with the recipient.”

- Nicole Boyle, Director of Partnerships at Giftagram

Align with Company Values

Gifts are an extension of your brand, and they should resonate with your company's ethos. Think of your company's values, mission, and brand identity. Are you an eco-conscious firm? Then sustainable gifts might be your go-to. Does your brand promise luxury? Then premium gifts should be in the cards. Aligning the gift with your company's values shares a message about consistency and authenticity. It not only reiterates your brand promise but also deepens the trust and connection with the recipient.

In wrapping up, the art of choosing impactful holiday gifts lies in the balance of thoughtfulness, quality, and relevance. By setting clear goals, personalizing the experience, offering choice, and staying true to your company's values, you can transform the simple act of gift-giving into a memorable gesture that strengthens bonds and leaves an unforgettable mark in the recipient’s mind. Remember, it's the thought and intent behind the gift that counts the most. As you embark on your gifting journey this holiday season, let genuine appreciation and care guide your choices.


Navigating the intricacies of corporate holiday gifting doesn't have to be a stressful experience. With thoughtful planning, a focus on quality and personalization, and an eye on the latest trends, you can transform it into an opportunity for meaningful relationship-building and brand enhancement. This year, make your holiday gifting season a memorable one.

Discover this year’s top gifts with our Holiday Gifting Trend Report.

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