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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Through Gifting

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

3 women eating cookies

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise across the world. Globally, one third of high growth businesses are run by women, and the number of women entrepreneurs is continuing to grow. The growth of women owned businesses is especially impressive because women are starting businesses, even in non-enabling environments - meaning policies around childcare, access to capital, and overall support are minimal. Since women make up 85% of consumer spending in the US, it makes sense that women would have the best understanding of purchasing habits, identifying market gaps, and opportunities for new business ideas.

One of the best ways we can contribute to the success of female entrepreneurs is to buy from woman owned businesses. Here’s our list of women owned businesses to purchase from to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Woman Made: Great Women Designers

blue woman made book

The most comprehensive, fully illustrated book on women designers ever published - it’s sure to inspire.

A celebration of more than 200 women product designers from the early twentieth century to the present day. This book showcases the most incredible and impactful design ever produced by women designers and flips the script on what is historically considered a man’s world. Written by Jane Hall, she focuses on collaborative practice between artists and architects. She is also the author of Breaking Ground: Architecture by Women.

Wrappr Abundant Furoshiki Wrap

multicoloured furoshiki wrap

The perfect pay-it-forward gift, the Furoshiki wrap is designed to be repurposed or re-used and is perfect for any season or celebration.

Gorgeous, sustainable and affordable, Wrappr is the simple, earth-loving alternative to disposable gift wrapping. Furoshiki is the 1,200 year old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping. Each design features original artwork by independent artists and is made with organic cotton. Wrappr is founded and owned by Brittany Traffod. After receiving thoughtful gifts wrapped in single use paper after her first baby, Brittany created Wrappr as a way to eliminate gift wrap waste.

Brightland The Duo

2 bottles of brightly coloured olive oil

Elevate their dining experience and surprise their taste buds with Brightland’s best selling olive oil duo.

These best selling extra virgin olive oils paired together balance and complement every meal. AWAKE is bold and robust designed for roasting, sauteing, soups, stews, and bread. ALIVE is smooth and grassy, perfect for salads, hummus, baked goods, and bread. Bon appetit! Brightland is female founded and owned by Aishwarya Iyer. Born out of the desire for time-honored food production and a deep belief in the land and what it provides.

Simone LeBlanc Joyful Morning Suite

wood gift box with cocktail ingredients and dried oranges

Bring a little joy and relaxation into their morning with Simone LeBlanc’s Joyful Morning gift box.

Give the gift of easy relaxation meant to be enjoyed any day of the week. This breezy gift delivers the calm of a relaxing, sit back and relax kind of morning. Simone LeBlanc is a female-founded and run gifting studio that started with the simple idea to create thoughtful gifts, to be given with ease.

Stellar Eats Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

chocolate chip cookies

There’s nothing that brings people together like chocolate chip cookies. This Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by Stellar Eats is not only tasty, but also grain, gluten, and dairy free as well as plant based and paleo friendly.

This delicious cookie mix is their best seller featuring 7 ingredients to make perfect, fresh from the oven cookies that are crispy on the outside and fudge-y on the inside. They’re soft and chewy with just the right amount of sweetness. Stellar Eats is an all-female team run by Stella, Emma and Michelle born to create healthy eats that taste like treats.

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