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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Brand Spotlight: Vitruvi

Thoughtful gifting is all about meeting the recipient’s needs and desires with the right product or experience. And when the gift also supports transparent trade, sustainable designs and a variety of social causes—like the gift ideas from Vitruvi do—it spreads positivity all around.

Specializing in scent diffusers and humidifiers, Vitruvi’s positive impact spreads, quite literally, like a fragrant (and non-toxic) mist. At Giftagram, we love working with Vitruvi as the perfect gift for employee rewards and recognition programs because they are not only beautiful products, but Vitruvi’s sustainability and social impact practices make it the perfect thoughtful gift that aligns with your company’s social values.

Vitruvi’s origin story

Vitruvi was founded by siblings Sara and Sean Panton after they learned about the toxic chemicals present in standard air care and home scent products. It started at home, where the brother-sister pair blended their first collections by hand.

Drawing on Sara’s degree in global health sciences and her time spent in medical school, Vitruvi’s products are grounded in both science and the siblings’ commitment to creating earth- and body-friendly products.

Giftagram had the pleasure of chatting with Director of Content Sara Harowitz about Vitruvi and gifting. Here’s what she had to say:

Giftagram: We love your beautiful, minimally designed humidifiers and diffusers. What inspired the design?

Sara: Each product is designed with intentionality, taking customer feedback into consideration and propelling the air care industry forward.

The iconic Stone Diffuser scents the air but doubles as a piece of art; it's meant to be put on display.

The cordless Move Diffuser allows people to scent every corner of their homes, even without a plug nearby.

The newly-launched Cloud Humidifier is the most aesthetic one on the market and is small enough to fit on a bedside table. Our in-house design team works passionately and tirelessly to build products that truly marry form and function.

Giftagram: What are your favorite gifting ideas from Vitruvi?

Sara: The beauty of our products is that there is truly something for everyone. Just like the art you hang on your walls, the linens you choose for your bedroom, and the flowers you choose for your hallway, the air in your home is an opportunity for self-expression and curation.

Our diffusers, humidifiers, and scents are designed to help you feel at home in your space by taking ownership of your air—with products that are safe, natural and beautiful.

Here are some of Harowitz’s favorites for employee gifting:

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Doubling as a decor item, Vitruvi’s ceramic porcelain diffuser is a hit with design fans and scent lovers alike. Fill it with water and a few drops of essential oil and it provides consistent fragrance to a 500-square-foot room for up to eight hours at a time. Plus, it shuts off safely and automatically when the water runs out. “Our best-selling Stone Diffuser is a great gift any time of year,” says Harowitz. “Pair it with the Signature Kit, which features four of our best-selling diffuser scents.”

Vitruvi Signature Scent Kit

The perfect starter kit to complement a new Stone Diffuser includes four essential oil blends:

  • Legacy: A grounding blend of rose, bergamot, frankincense and cedar.

  • Sleep: A relaxing mix of lavender and ylang ylang, Roman chamomile and vetiver.

  • Pacific: An ocean-adjacent breeze of Amyris, bergamot, lavender and eucalyptus.

  • Golden: A bright and optimistic melange of grapefruit, lavender, peppermint and ginger.

Vitruvi Natural Air Freshener Sprays

Looking for something smaller? Vitruvi’s innovative and all-natural air fresheners offer a beguiling blend of luxury and practicality at a reasonable price point. “They're made without the harmful ingredients found in traditional air sprays, and offer an instant refresh at the push of a button,” says Harowitz. Try them in scents such as Cold Plunge (eucalyptus and grapefruit), Warm Linen (lavender and vanilla) and Urban Garden (blood orange and basil).


Plant-based, non-toxic and sustainable

Keeping things 100 percent natural, Vitruvi scents are all vegan, pure and cruelty-free. The company never uses synthetic fragrances, and steers clear of formaldehyde, mineral oil, phthalates, parabens and sulfates.

What you see on the outside of a Vitruvi package matches the quality and ethos you’ll find inside, too: “Our new bottles are made with recycled glass and are completely recyclable, and their ink is plant-based,” says Vitruvi co-founder and CEO Sara Panton in the company’s sustainability statement. “Our oil boxes are completely recyclable and are made with high-quality inks. Same goes for our diffuser packaging.”

Vitruvi’s social impact

A mission-driven business, Vitruvi’s aim is “to make people feel at home—in their spaces, but also within themselves.” The company achieves this by supporting a variety of causes.

In partnership with Beam, a social impact tech company, Vitruvi donates one per cent of all profits to bolstering women in business, LGBTQIA2S+ rights and safe housing initiatives. When you purchase a gift from Vitruvi, a portion goes to one of these organizations:

  • Ali Forney Center: Education, health services and housing for LGBTQIA2S+ youth.

  • Casa Teresa: Emergency maternity shelter and parenting programs for pregnant women in crisis.

  • Environmental Working Group: Research, education, advocacy and consumer guides to encourage environmentally sustainable and toxin-free production practices.

  • Black Girl Ventures: Creating access to capital funds, social networks and business training for black and brown-identifying women.

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