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  • Jessika Noda Ofiyai

Brand Spotlight: Teak & Twine

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

At Teak & Twine, perfection is the standard. Specializing in curated and custom gift boxes, the Teak & Twine experience is about combining different elements of beauty, taste and experience into one harmonious—and beautifully packaged gift. From foodstuffs to housewares to self-care products, games and more, Teak & Twine gift boxes are the whole package.

overhead shot of food themed gift boxes on a green background

On-trend gift ideas with Teak & Twine

One thing you won’t find in a Teak & Twine gift box? Throwaways.

blonde woman in a blue striped shirt sitting on a pink chair

“We love being an alternative gifting option to some of the more traditional swag gifts you tend to see for corporate gifting purposes,” says Teak & Twine founder Torrance Hart. “While swag can be a great gift, it doesn’t always fit the occasion or feel like a true reflection of the company who is giving them.”

“Overall, our goal is to make every gift unique, thoughtful and special,” she adds. “And no matter what the occasion, our guiding principle has always been an extremely high attention to detail.”

Hart’s team spends hundreds of hours researching the latest trends in consumer products and design. “Then we have what we call ‘Design Day’ once every quarter,” she says, “and we get our whole team together to review our current designs, share any customer feedback we’ve received, and curate new gifts for the next season.”

Expect this year’s crop of gift boxes to reflect trends in maximalism, with plenty of mixed patterns and textures.

Gifting for all types

One of Hart’s favorite gift boxes is a safe bet for fun-loving personalities of all ages; it’s a great choice for employee gifting:

The Game Night

open gift box on red background with food and mad libs

What’s inside: Two games: Crazy Charades and MadLibs, plus snacks: Poppy handcrafted popcorn mix, Candy Club Rainbow Twisters and Fatty Sundays toffee.

What Hart loves about it: “Right now, I’m loving The Game Night! I mean, MadLibs is hilarious. I stole one from work and brought it home for my husband and our two young boys and the giggles were non-stop. So I love that one for a really family-friendly gifting experience.”

For a sophisticated way to show you care, Hart recommends bubbles. This gift box highlights the flavor and celebratory nature of champagne, minus the alcohol:

The Toast

open gift box with celebratory items on black background

What’s inside: Champagne-inspired candy: Sugarfina Champagne bears and a sparkly Champagne lollipop, plus TOST sparkling white tea and Viski copper stemless Champagne flutes to serve it in, Eatable ‘Pop the Champagne” popcorn, the conversation-starter game Table Topics and a TOPS Malibu sparkler to kick off the party.

What Hart loves about it: “Another one of my all-time favorites is The Toast. It’s stunning, it’s fun and it’s perfect for so many different occasions—the holidays and New Year’s, of course, but it’s also great for a big company celebration, special milestones, job promotions, birthdays. One of our clients described it as ‘unforgettable’—and I’d have to agree!”


Thoughtful gifts that support important social causes

At Giftagram, we are focused on working with brands who align with our social values. From locally sourced, to BIPOC, to LGBTQ-plus owned. We love that Teak & Twine also aligns on these values, and is a female-founded company.

“In terms of our gifts, we really prioritize creating meaningful experiences. It’s so much more than just stuff in a box—we’re super thoughtful about understanding what message or story the gift-giver would like to convey to their recipient,” says Hart.

“Then, we source unique products from tons of incredible vendors—many of whom are small businesses, women-owned, Black-owned, LGBTQ-plus-owned—and curate a full, cohesive experience with these items. We almost always include things that can be enjoyed right away, like cookies or a chocolate bar, as well as something that is intended to be a keepsake, something they’ll use and remember. So not only do we get to create these long-lasting experiences, but we get to support tons of small businesses along the way.”

Teak & Twine celebrates relationships with small businesses led by women, Black, and LGBTQ-plus owners.

Brands include:

Visit Teak & Twine to learn more about their diverse partnerships.

open gift box with charcuterie items on a maroon background

A company that cares

Torrance Hart founded Teak & Twine after serving eight years in the U.S. Air Force. Originally a bespoke service for wedding gift boxes, the company has evolved to new markets. But no matter how it grows, a commitment to equity—and fun!—is at the core of operations.

black gift box with teak & twine logo

When you choose a gift from Teak & Twine, you’re not only supporting small businesses with diverse ownership, you’re also helping the company develop its own “Worktopia”. That’s the company term for “redefining what work/life balance actually means for everyone at the company” and implementing policies to get there. Hart also shares her ethos with other entrepreneurs in her inspiring business courses for “gift box babes and product people.”

Whether you choose them because they support diverse communities and positive work culture, or simply because they curate gorgeous and delicious gift packs, a gift from Teak & Twine spreads ripples of positivity, from giver to recipient, right through to communities of people who picked, packaged and made them.

open gift box with food items

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