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  • Kathy Song

Brand Spotlight: Province of Canada

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

To celebrate Canada Day, Giftagram is excited to feature the Province of Canada, a company that has taken a fresh spin on Canadiana apparel that is Made in Canada. Province of Canada creates pieces that align with the true spirits of citizens that showcase the natural beauty of the country. They go beyond the traditional souvenir items that show Canadian pride with the maple leaf and red and white. With a flagship store located in downtown Toronto or online, Province of Canada makes it easy to proudly be Canadian.

a man and a woman in cream sweatsuits sitting down

The Meaning Behind Province of Canada

Province of Canada and Giftagram share the same values of offering best-in-class gifts. With a wide range of apparel from sweatpants to socks, Province of Canada doesn’t compromise on local manufacturing. Since launching in 2014, the Province of Canada brand has become synonymous with well-made products designed and manufactured in Canada.

How did the Province of Canada come to be? There was a time in Canadian history when Upper Canada (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Quebec) merged to form the United Province of Canada. The name that originated in 1841 made sense for an all Canadian lifestyle brand; it was both province and country, and paid homage to a time when everyday items were made locally and the citizens valued quality above all else.

The Founders Story

With the Co-Founder Julie and Jeremy love for graphic design and quality textile, they launched Province of Canada in 2014 with a tight collection of made in Canada pieces and has since grown into a line of adult, kids, home textiles all remaining true to their vision of what a Canadian brand can look like. The inspiration and concept behind the Province of Canada is simple. They've taken what they appreciated most about Canada and presented it through their casual lifestyle lens.

a clothing shop

Made in Canada

When you gift someone Province of Canada and see the “Made in Canada’ label on the gift, it shows an extra layer of thoughtfulness. It shows that the gifter has put extra care into what they have chosen. With the tricolor flag in the form of a ribbon on their crewneck cuffs or t-shirt sleeve, it is their way of authenticating the DNA of each Province of Canada piece as 100% designed and manufactured in Canada, a stamp of Canadian approval. The muted red and gray colors, the flag’s proportions are true to the Canadian flag, their way of staying committed to keeping everything made in Canada.

Sustainable, Thoughtful Gifting with Province of Canada

"We’re one of the only brands in the world that manufactures every one of their products in Canada. The majority of our cotton is knitted locally and grown sustainably. We ship our online orders in certified compostable packaging and everyday we strive to reduce our environmental footprint."

- Jeremy, Co-Founder of Province of Canada

a man and a woman sitting on white stairs wearing pink short and sweater set

With subtle branding, and a refreshing taste on corporate gifting, gifting with Giftagram means thoughtful, memorable gifting. Recipients want gifts that are useful and thoughtfully curated so they are able to use it day to day, especially when it comes to branded apparel. The Giftagram team is able to work with you and Province of Canada on getting customizable apparel with your logo tastefully placed. Along with best-in-class gifts, Province of Canada and Giftagram share the same mission in sustainability. With tasteful logo placement on a high-quality garment that is designed and made in Canada with cotton locally knitted and grown sustainably in recyclable packaging, it brings an elevated experience to the recipient. It’s the little details that people take notice of.

Beyond the material, every piece with a silkscreen or raised print is printed using environmentally friendly plastisol inks. They do not use inks that contain ozone depleting substances.

Beyond Apparel

Province of Canada offers a wide range of apparel products from a womens, mens and kids line as well as a home and accessories line that include sweater blankets, candles, and more.

Giftagram has worked with Province of Canada for multiple different campaigns. Here are a few different ways you can elevate your gifting experience.

Snap Sweatpants:

black sweatpants with Snapcha logo

Giftagram worked with Snap Inc to create custom-branded sweatpants with Snap logo placed on Province of Canada sweatpants for employee gifting. Create a memorable unboxing moment with style and comfort.

Client Thank You Box:

open gift box with a folded happy face bag, cream socks, white water bottle, black notebook, blue hand cream

Half slipper, half socks, what more do we need?

We had curated a Thank You gift for our clients that included a few of our favorite gifts including the Slipper socks from Province of Canada. Made in Canada with 85% wool and 15% nylon, these cozy slipper socks are a perfect addition to any custom gift box.

Slipper socks are great for the travelers to be able to pack in your carry on with minimal space alongside a personalized leather luggage tag, for the home bodies that want to snuggle up with a book and coffee and everyone else in between.

tan colored wool socks

Another great reason to include the Slipper socks in your gift? For every pair of Province of Canada socks purchased, they will donate to a Canadian homeless shelter, a simple solution to a complicated problem.

Sweater Blanket:

grey blanket

Ever wish you could wrap yourself with your favorite sweater? With Province of Canada Sweater Blanket you can wrap yourself around in fleece and when you’re not using it, have it beautifully styled on your couch or bed. Add your company logo to the Sweater Blanket and add it to your employee gift or corporate holiday gift, a piece that will definitely be remembered for everyone who receives it.

Want to have Province of Canada in your upcoming employee gifting, holiday gifting, or client retention gift? Contact the Giftagram team to get started now!

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