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  • Kathy Song

Brand Feature: LOHN

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Scent is such a powerful part of our everyday lives. Scientists believe that smell and memory are so closely linked because our brains signal our memory system very quickly. Experts say that memories associated with smells tend to be older and thought about less often, meaning the recollection is very vivid when it happens. Create a positive gifting experience with a wellness box as an employee recognition or holiday gifting opportunity by adding a candle, essential oils, mists and accessories from LOHN to create colorful, layered and transportive scents to elevate your branding.

For LOHN, it goes beyond just the scent. It’s about unveiling an experience, a moment in time, a routine. Imagine starting a new job, feeling a little bit nervous and then receiving a welcome package with thoughtfully curated products including a LOHN candle, relaxing and easing you on your first day of work.

6 LOHN branded candles with different colored logos sitting on a glass tray

LOHN was founded in 2018 by two Canadian women, Katerina Juskey and Victoria Mierzwa, who have always had an obsession with scent and its transportive powers. They worked together to create scents inspired from amber, tea and spices with a blend of organic coconut and soy wax. This blend allows LOHN candles to burn clean and slow, allowing your space to fill with their intoxicating scent and solidify with a smooth finish.

The history of LOHN starts years before the company was founded. Katerina and Victoria met in high school but were two years apart. They had both attended the same university and graduated with degrees in Chemical Engineering. Shortly after, Victoria had started working within the cosmetics industry where she was exposed to the ins and outs from formulation, to production, packaging designs and beyond.

a candle next to purple yellow and blue box

During this time Katerina was in France to pursue a Masters in Cosmetics and Fragrance in Versailles at Guerlain’s Perfumery School, ISIPCA. After graduating, she had also landed a job at a luxury, well known cosmetics company working in research and development.

Both Victoria and Katerina had kept in touch for six years and on June 29, 2016, they both connected and had the same idea to start on their own journey. They shared the same passion and love for candles, scent and its nostalgic powers and ability to transport you to another time and place. It didn’t take them long to determine what they wanted to start with.

LOHN goes beyond the candle. The candles have a mid-century modern, and minimal luxury feel, hand poured into a printed glass or stamped ceramic, and packaged beautifully with recycled materials. Sustainable, feel good gifts - perfect for any occasion.

What is the meaning behind LOHN? It means ‘scent’ in Eastonian and “reward” in Old High German. A huge inspiration for LOHN was their background (Katerina is Polish and Kat is half Estonian and half Lithuanian) and an ancient route that crossed these countries called the amber road. The amber road was used to trade amber, a fossilized resin and medium of exchange during antiquity, and it connected the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic. This is where the idea to design the LOHN scent collection came from. They imagined the scents of the mountains, seas, forests and fields along the journey. Then with Kat’s perfumery expertise, they were able to create clean, complex scents.


Giftagram got to go behind the scenes with LOHN and talk to them about their brand, what they learned during the process and more:

two blonde women sitting at a table smiling at the camera

Giftagram (GG): We love the design elements of your packaging. What inspired you?

LOHN, Kat: Oh, what a process! Lots of mood boards and collaboration with talented designers. We draw a lot of our inspiration from Instagram, specifically furniture and lighting design accounts. Our style is definitely mid-century modern, and minimal luxury with pops of color.

GG: With your background in perfumery school, what's one thing that you learned on your own within this industry through experience?

LOHN, Kat: Everyone believes "natural" is the best way forward -- when in fact, many people can have reactions to essential oils and they can be more dangerous than some synthetic fragrance ingredients. Perfumery is similar to food in this respect, everyone can have different reactions to different ingredients. It's always best to listen to yourself, know your facts from trusted suppliers/brands and don't always believe what you read on social media!

GG: What is your favorite Lohn scent to gift and your favorite non Lohn item to gift?

an ombre green to pink candle next to a pink candle box

LOHN, Kat: Definitely the Happiest Birthday candle, it's a no-brainer and it comes with the cutest set of matchbooks ever which look like birthday candles. In terms of other brands, we love to gift Ottawa based Bathorium Crush bath soaks for a self-care moment to anyone and everyone in our lives!


Another gift worthy LOHN Candles that make memorable corporate gifts is the LOHN Atlas Candle Trio. Beautifully packaged and perfect for gifting to someone special. The Tea Road features three candles with scents inspired by minty green tea, orange blossom tea, and spicy black tea. The perfect blends to add to any gift basket.

3 candles with different colored logos sitting on top of a multicolored box

LOHN Atlas Candle Trio

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