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Administrative Professionals Day: Make it Memorable

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Illustration of Nicole Deane, Executive Assistant to the CFO at Canada Goose

Nicole Deane, Executive Assistant in the office of the CFO at Canada Goose, shares her insights on the ever-changing role and tips on how to reward your hardest working employees for Administrative Professionals Day

National Administrative Professionals’ Day

is right around the corner! Also known as Secretary Day, or Administrative Assistants’ Day, in 2022 Admin Day falls on Wednesday, April 27th.

You may have noticed a boom in the last couple of years on LinkedIn of Executive Assistant advocates speaking up about how the role has elevated. We’ve come a long way since the “Mad Men” secretary days. We come with product and strategy knowledge, we take ownership of the office, we manage the managers, and we monitor company morale. We know the players and the game, and we’re pros at executive stakeholder management. We mean business and drive results for the business.

No longer are we in the background taking notes, now we have a seat at the table.

The evolution of the role moved from the career secretary to a career “stepping-stone” of sorts; a temporary “in” to companies to gain experience and build a resume. But now, a shift has happened with folks viewing the EA role, once again, as a permanent career position. People see it not only as that of a note-taker or scheduling assistant but as an opportunity to leverage their skills and add a bit of their own flair to the role. You see, Administrative Professionals need to have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit in order to really succeed. They typically live on an island all on their own. They have no “team” that they’re a part of, nor do they have anyone they can run to when things go awry. The only person they can rely on is, well, themselves.

The big pivot

As we reflect on the past 2 years, our working environments have shifted to more virtual/ work-from-home arrangements, and admin professionals have been instrumental in that shift. We’ve worked evenings and weekends, coordinating all the logistics and safety measures. It has taken a lot to transition into this new “normal”. The work we have done has supported you and your teams probably more than you know (because chances are we’re not going to tell you about all the little details and extra work we’re doing to make it happen).

Do you have an EA or Administrative Assistant that you count on to make your life easier? This is your day to honour the professionals who keep your world running smoothly. The masters of the day-to-day, driving an organized and functional workplace and making sure that everyone stays connected. Giftagram sees the importance of providing thoughtful, quality products to acknowledge the hard work and dedication these individuals provide, and who all too often get overlooked.

We don’t need to tell you your Administrative Professional is doing a great job; you already know that! But, if you’re looking for a few more reasons to spoil them, here are 6 that top our list!

1. The Face of the Executive Team

You count on your EA to present a positive and professional image to all visitors, suppliers, inquiries, and other persons. We are, after all, the face of you and your organization, and often the first point of contact people have when reaching out to you. We continue to build our knowledge of the organization while running your day-to-day management routines, thereby enhancing your effectiveness and the effectiveness of the organization.

2. Internal Communications Managers

We facilitate communication from department managers, business unit leaders, and project managers to make sure everything runs smoothly. We create and review documents, reports, and correspondence prepared for executive signature for format, content, grammar, spelling and make edits as necessary. And we create content for internal marketing channels.

3. Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders

As the key contact for on-boarding, we are responsible for improving the employee experience and aid in employee retention. We envision and deliver team-building activities to help develop team well being and improve employee engagement. And, if your organization is driving Corporate Social Responsibility, you’ll often find us championing CSR initiatives to drive engagement and provide healthy contributions for CSR initiatives.

4. Process Improvement Experts

We have our hands in many different projects across the business. We’re the go-to when anyone in the company has questions. We have experience managing and navigating through change, taking initiative to work through the unknown, and can always be counted on to ‘figure things out’. We are experts at adapting to workplace and technological changes, to become leaders of change and process improvements within our organizations.

5. Proactive “Fixers”

You already know your administrative professional is the go-to person everyone turns to when there are problems. No one has their eyes and ears to ground like your EA. We are the first to see where there’s an issue and act on it. We know how to work in a team environment keeping others informed and anticipating needs.

6. Available 24/7/365

We always have your back. Our days don’t end at 5pm. We can’t close the door and pick up the next morning where we left off the day before. Whether it’s answering emails, responding to texts, coordinating with different time zones, or everything else in-between, we are the support person who is ready to act no matter if we’re in the office or at home on the weekend.

Corporate gifting is always in season, no matter the occasion!

In the age of the “great resignation”, recognizing your top performers is more important than ever. The days of getting hired right out of school and sticking with the first company that hires them are over. Employees know their worth and know they can get hired by another company in no time, for more money and better benefits. Like so many things in life, making employees feel appreciated is in the details.

Especially on Administrative Professionals’ Day, treating the hardworking EA in your life to a thoughtful gift that is heartfelt, appropriate, and speaks to their unique personality is the perfect way to show them how much they are truly valued.

Of course, a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates is a nice gesture. But what’s going to make you as a company, or a boss, stand out as someone we want to stay with for years to come? It’s the details.

When searching for the perfect item for employee gifting, it should be elegant, customizable and memorable; something that your Executive Assistant will love. Giftagram has that covered and they’ve eliminated the hard part. The thoughtfulness and quality of items have already been taken care of for you. All you have to do is click and choose!

Your EA has discerning tastes when it comes to corporate gifting (just like you!)

Giftagram is a corporate gifting platform that stands out from the rest. They offer hundreds of bespoke, curated gifts, that can ship items almost anywhere. At the end of the day, your administrative professional won’t have a choice but to feel like they’re the most important person there. Because in plain truth, they are.

Experience the Giftagram Difference

Giftagram makes it easy to show appreciation through memorable unboxing experiences. Their full-service corporate gifting platform allows users to effortlessly send gifts, manage delivery progress, and track spending. Choose from thousands of premium and best in-class gifts, hand picked by their curation team. Click here to learn about plans and pricing.

This piece was written by Nicole Deane, Executive Assistant & Project Lead in the office of the CFO at Canada Goose. Additional support provided by Megan Grant, Executive Assistant in the office of the CEO at Canada Goose. Illustration by Courtney Vokey.


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