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How Owl Labs aced their B2B survey results with Giftagram

The challenge

There’s nothing like a well-timed survey for improving your business intelligence, but what if none of your customers will take it? That was the challenge facing the remote collaboration experts at Owl Labs when they sent out their ongoing survey to their B2B clients in 2022.

In previous years, Owl Labs had offered an incentive for completing the survey, but this time they were hoping to use their brand merchandise elsewhere. As it turned out, their clients — businesses that conduct remote conferences — couldn’t get enough of that sweet Owl Labs merch. As soon as Owl Labs stopped offering a gift for survey completion, the number of participants dropped.

The survey is important to Owl Labs: The team uses the NPS survey results for product feedback to gauge customer satisfaction and tweak their processes so they’re always providing a great experience. Without those answers, the Owls in customer service would be flying blind. 

The solution

When you’re known for transforming virtual meetings from flat and artificial-feeling to fully immersive and lifelike (seriously, check out the specs on the Meeting Owl, with its 360-degree camera, mic and speaker) partial results won’t cut it. So Owl Labs turned to Giftagram to help get their survey back off the ground. 


The task? Incentivize clients to take the survey, but make it easy for the Owl Labs team to manage. 


Since it was clear that clients loved their Owl Labs merch, the CS team re-introduced an incentive for survey completion: a cool, Owl Labs-branded mug, produced by Giftagram.


Then, Owl Labs sent out a new survey invitation, this time with an engaging, teaser subject line: Tell us about your experience and get some swag!

Meanwhile, the Giftagram team had been busy setting up a bulk upload feature for Owl Labs CS agents, or to put it plainly, a system that made it really, really easy to get those mugs out to customers.


The results

The survey completion rate soared, giving Owl Labs a clear view of their clients’ experiences. Now the Product team could get to work, strengthening what works and tweaking the parts that needed attention, all while knowing their actions were based on accurate data, with clear insights into customer satisfaction.


And while the survey was intended to gauge satisfaction, it appears that offering a gift item had the added benefit of increasing survey completions by 50%.


Here’s what some of Owl Labs’ clients had to say after signing up for their survey gift:

I appreciate the token of gratitude. Thank you!


Thank you for the gift! Happy to help provide feedback, the Meeting Owl is one of the best investments we have made!


Thank you for the gift. We hope that we can use it to help those in our community. I did not expect this, but thank you! Such tokens are really a good testament to show you care. I truly appreciate it.

Thanks for the Giftagram! We love our Meeting Owl!

As for the team at Owl Labs, their partnership with Giftagram remains strong. Giftagram is also Owl Labs’ go-to for employee gifting and employee recognition as well as client and corporate thank yous. Giftagram handles address collection, gift procurement, packing, shipping and any customer issues, making it super simple for Owl Labs to show clients, partners and employees that they give a hoot.


The Owl Labs team appreciates how Giftagram offers a centralized place for all gifting, useful for everything from employee recognition events such as onboarding, anniversaries, birthdays and ad hoc thank you gifts to client appreciation.


Commissioning customised, branded apparel and merchandise is a cinch, or Owl Labs can let their gift recipients choose their presents online, including some of the best gift ideas on the market. It’s easy to track gift progress and the CS team enjoys reading through the thank you messages that pour in when recipients open their presents. 


Owl Labs Zip Hoodie


Owl Labs Toque


Owl Labs Baggu

"Working with Giftagram really showed us the importance of sending gifts and gives us a pulse on employee satisfaction based on the thank you messages we've received. It's so easy to send gifts and we love having a dedicated account manager on hand to help us identify new gifts and gifting moments."

Laura Gabriel, Business and Culture Manager — Owl Labs

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