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Senior Director / VP Engineering

Toronto, ON, Canada (hybrid office environment — occasional in-person meetings)

Full Time

Job Description

This Senior Director / VP Engineering will manage a team of developers and engineers, collaborate with product managers, and continue to build our retail and enterprise gifting platform(s). This position has a broad scope of operations, managing human and technological resources, organizing targets and milestones as well as general leadership of the development team. They will establish a focus for the engineering team and make sure that deadlines are met, with their main focus being ensuring execution.

What you'll do

  • Work closely with the founders to execute on the product vision, go to market and react quickly to new opportunities

  • Hiring and leading the development team

  • Leading the security aspects of the business and acting as a security officer for the company

  • Managing multiple projects while communicating with the development team and other business units

  • Customers first: You will have two customers, internal and external. You need to understand the needs of the customer and focus on creating products that are customer centric

  • Support filing SRED, working with NRC/IRAP and similar programs

  • QA and unit testing; you embrace automation and you have reasonable goals for both automated testing and unit tests, constantly trying to improve code quality and testing

  • Technical evangelist by embracing blogging and public speaking, acting as an evangelist for the industry and Giftagram

  • Manage expectations, build technology, nurture the business culture and inspire people

  • Roll up your sleeves and dive in where needed. Like the rest of our team you’ll be hands-on helping with projects outside your job description


  • You have worked extensively in web application development: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP/Laravel/Symfony, MySQL/RDS, Vue.js, ReactJS, GraphQL

  • iOS (Swift), Android (Java), Web (Vue, React) application development

  • Machine learning (e.g. customer to gift scoring)

  • Architectural understanding of AWS platforms, specifically ECS/Docker, CodePipeline, Redis and RDS

  • Github (including workflows/CI)

  • Triaging and using ticketing software such as Jira or Clickup

  • RESTful API design

  • Agile (Scrum) part of your role is to act as a Scrum Master

  • React / Laravel / Symfony experience

  • E-commerce/mobile technology experience working with and building eCommerce platforms

  • Big data analytics architecture

  • Stripe / Payment processing. Experience with other payments or crypto payments a plus

  • 3rd Party e-commerce platform integrations such as Shopify

  • Disaster planning and Capacity Planning

  • Security expertise (CISSP) an asset

About Giftagram

Giftagram is reinventing the timeless art of gifting. We build and manage programs that make it easy to appreciate, reward and inspire loyalty for clients and employees. Our GiftCenter platform gives clients access to a curated marketplace of gifts from local partners and national brands. Relationships are at the core of our business, and we are fanatic about creating an environment of success for all of our client partners, gift vendors and employees.

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