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Create memorable
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Nurture relationships with employees and clients through a memorable gifting experience. GiftCenter, a corporate gifting platform, makes it easy to be thoughtful.

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Send gifts - no address required.

Snap GiftCenter helps all teams scale gifting by sourcing meaningful, on-brand gifts without having to think about logistics. Access our curated marketplace (Canada/ USA) with 1000s of gifts for all your gifting moments.

Gifting at Snap:

Employee Anniversary Gifting


Client Holiday Gifts - Branded Waffle Maker

(Business Marketing Team)

Ad-Hoc Client Gifting

(Account Executives and Agency Partners)

Event Gifting

(Festival de Cannes)

By the


Launch Date


Gifts Sent

33% of gift recipients sent a Thank You Message!

An Integrated Solution:


Aw thank you Dani! I really appreciate it and can't wait to see what it is! Appreciate your work and guidance on this account!

Danielle - Gift Recipient

Thank You Zeena & Jamie for the amazing opportunity! I am really looking forward to 2023 with much activity on the platform and the best campaigns on the market!!

Jason - Gift Recipient

Thank you so much, as always, for being such a thoughtful strategic partner for us. Cherish you and excited for our Big 4 Weekend!

Traci - Gift Recipient


“That’s the dream of working with Giftagram and the beauty of our partnership; a seamless process to eradicate redundancies and work globally as the EA’s to access really cool, unique moments and gifting ideas.”

Marnie Brandon

Executive Assistant to the Director & General Manager, Canada - Snap

Who are the Snap users of GiftCenter?

Business Marketing

Agency Partners

People &


Curated and
custom gifts


Waffle Maker


Branded recipient touchpoints

Custom Gifting Campaign?

Reach out to your account manager to discuss a new gifting program.

Jessica Vu

Senior Account Manager


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