Herbivore Botanicals Mini Facial Oil Trio



Set of 3 mini facial oils - perfect for anyone new to facial oils or who wants to layer their oils for custom blends. Skin changes and this kit keeps up with these changes in skin needs.

• 0.3 oz | 8 mL three glass bottles with dropper
• Lapis Facial Oil is named for the precious blue oil it contains, Blue Tansy. This oil holds a component called Azulene which aids in soothing dry irritated skin and reducing the appearance of redness. Formulated for combination, oily, and blemish-prone skin types or any skin in need of balancing hydration.
• Phoenix Oil is the ultimate hydrator. Thanks to the blend of luxe botanical oils and CoQ10, Phoenix Facial Oil dramatically re-hydrates and revitalizes dry skin or any skin in need of deep hydration.
• The solution to dull skin, Orchid Facial Oil contains lush, exotic floral oils that provide skin with dewy hydration and glow. Formulated for all skin types in need of hydration and protection.

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