Batched & Bottled: Cocktails to Make Ahead



Batched & Bottled features 50 of the best recipes for batched and bottled cocktails - cocktails that can be pre-made and bottled, and either poured straight over ice or left to mature for an hour, a month or even a year.

Enjoy cocktails immediately upon returning home from work, or bottles that can be cracked open come Christmas/summer/birthday/Friday. From negronis and manhattans to more complex concoctions that can be infused with botanicals or fermented ingredients, the recipes follow the seasons and range from simple, stir-through mixes, to more elaborate drinks that require kitchen prep.

• Hardcover
• 192 pages
• 9.29" L × 6.95" W × 1.07" H

Ben McNally is a boutique book store that specializes in first-run hardcovers. Visit the store at 366 Bay Street.

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