Fountain Gifts Boozy Bites Deluxe Gift Box



A gift box that is intoxicatingly tasty and totally swanky featuring everything from cocktail-inspired cookies to a bourbon-infused chocolate bar and an old fashioned mixer.

• Bourbon Chocolate Cookies by Grey Ghost Bakery
• Bourbon Chocolate Bar By Raaka
• Scotch Cordials by Sugarfina
• Nightcap Whiskey Chocolate Bar by Compartes
• Bourbon Pecans by Molly & Me
• Scotch Caramels by McCrea's
• Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup by W&P

Fountain Gifts curates products based on their distinction, quality, and ability to excite the recipient's senses. Each box is professionally hand-packed and includes your message handwritten on beautiful stationery.

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