All You Are Robe



The All You Are Robe was designed for flipping pancakes, playing with (and bathing) kiddies, opening the front door, or spending a lazy Sunday in. Gift this to the woman who either has it all or does it all (or both!). It's the perfect gift for someone going off to college, having a child, or working overtime at their job. It's a little piece of luxury for a busy woman.

• A built-in belt defines the waist and never gets lost
• Slim, three-quarter length sleeves
• Deep pockets
• 100% cotton French Terry is absorbent and cozy but not clingy
• A secret message under the cuff ("your possibilities are endless") is a reminder of All You Are
• Fits true to size

The All You Are Robe was inspired by women who wake up every morning and choice by choice give the absolute best of themselves all day. It was designed for a busy life, a full life, a beautiful life.

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