Domenica Fiore Olive Oil Trio



Organically grown, Domenica Fiore's olive oil is the essence of Slow Food: delicious food created with care, grown and harvested with methods that have a positive impact on our land and ecosystems. Every step of their production is slow and deliberate. Domenica Fiore always does what is best for the fruit; it’s about quality, never quantity.

Set comes with 3 Domenica Fiore Olive Oils:
Olio Monaco
Olio Reserva
Olio Novello
Each bottle is 500 ml

Domenica Fiore harvests veraison olives that are in the early stages of ripening. Although these olives yield less oil than ripe ones, they have the quality of possessing an incredibly high concentration of polyphenols along with very low acidity. To capture and preserve the freshness of Novello and DOP Reserva, and to minimize oxidation, they vacuum seal with nitrogen gas the oil into stainless steel bottles. They embrace this attention to detail as part of their pursuit of crafting the perfect olive oil.

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