Fire Breather Hot Sauce Tasting Set



Broquet tracked down the tastiest, most innovative chili sauces this country has to offer. They are delivered with a first-of-its-kind hot sauce tasting notebook to help him keep track of the heat. Flame on.

Box includes:
-Lucky's Jalepeno: garlic, apple cider vinegar, salt, and a strong jalepeno kick. Simple, and awesome.
-Clancy’s Fancy Xtra Hot: born in Michigan and inspired by flavors from around the world, Clancy’s unique flavor and texture give it true staying power.
-Waterfront Ale House: the house hot sauce from the legendary New York Saloon.
-Formosa Habanero: this recipe dates back over 30 years to a Mexican grandmother, and it's so good, we're pretty confident you'll start putting this on everything.
-Hank’s Camouflage: the most balanced and versatile sauce we’ve tasted. Literally goes on anything (including dinosaur, according to Hank).
-33 Drops of Hot Sauce Tasting Notebook: track brands, heat levels, and tasting notes. Printed in Oregon.

Broquet designs gifts with men in mind. It’s time to grow a beard. Cook with fire. Chop some wood. We know that “stuff” can't make the man. But what you do with it can.

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