Ohom Leiph Teapot



The Leiph Teapot is a state-of-the-art self-heating teapot system that can brew tea directly in the ceramic vessel and maintain the perfect drinking temperature until the very last drop. Maximize flavor and ensure a pleasurable drinking experience; savor each sip and transform the moment.

• Ohom Teapot
• Fine-mesh stainless-steel tea strainer
• 2x Teacups in matching color
• Ohom charging pad
• Power adapter & USB Type C cable

• Maintains temperature at 140 F/60 C)
• No battery required
• Dishwasher safe
• Teapot made with high-quality ceramic
• Strainer is made with 316 stainless-steel
• Teapot holds up to 13.5 fl oz/400 mL
• Teacup holds up to 2.4 fl oz / 70 mL

OHOM, the art of fine ceramic. Through OHOM, two become one, Nature and Art. Simplicity and Purity. Function and Design. Established in 2014, OHOM is an independent design firm located in Los Angeles. They focus on products that make work more delightful. Products that combine functionality, aesthetics and technology perfectly together.

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