House of Cremsiffino FAUX COFFEE TABLE BOOK



Sneaky Smirnoff Ice Gift Box masquerading as a coffee table book titled The House of Cremsiffino. (SMIRNOFF ICE NOT INCLUDED)

It might look like a beautifully packaged coffee table "book" based on the iconic high-fashion story of The House of Cremsiffino, but it's actually a sneaky way to hide a bottle of Smirnoff Ice (which you'll have to go and buy yourself and place into the box - but that's half the fun).

Surprise folks 21 + on your holiday gift list.
Happy Holidays from your sneaky friends at Smirnoff Ice!

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Please drink responsibly. Must be 21+ to participate. SMIRNOFF ICE Premium Flavored Malt Beverage. The Smirnoff Co., New York, NY.

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