Tasty Ribbon Gourmet Italian Tour Gift Box



Embark on a gourmet trip to Italy with this thoughtful gift box. A real Italian experience for the ultimate food lover.

• Eliche Di Gragnano by Pastificio dei Campi
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil – "Olio D’autore" Collection by Frantoio d’Orazio
• Aged Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena "Gold Seal" I.G.P. by Leonardi
• "Alla Norma" Tomato Sauce by ursini
• White Truffle and Porcini Mushrooms Sauce by Tartufi Bianconi
• "Il Segreto Dei Medici" Tea by La Via del Tè
• Tea Infuser by La Via del Tè
• Dark Chocolate Bar with Pistachio filling by T’a Milano
• Milk Chocolate Bar With Tangerine Filling by T’a Milano
• Milk Chocolate Bar with Piedmont Hazelnut Filling by T’a Milano
• Dark Chocolate Bar With Coffee Filling by T’a Milano

Tasty Ribbon provides simple, hand-selected natural ingredients in delicious flavors, made with excellence and craftsmanship sourced from the most passionate artisans in Italy.

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