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BenchSci's Seamless Employee Onboarding with Giftagram

The goal

Giftagram's innovative gifting solutions transformed BenchSci's employee onboarding experience. BenchSci sought to foster a welcoming and inclusive company culture from day one, aiming to boost employee engagement and retention by focusing on personalized new-hire gift boxes.

A Custom Branded Employee Onboarding Corporate Giftbox that is closed and has a Note Card beside it.

The summary

Benchsci is a remote-first company recognized for its impact and culture as a Deloitte Tech Fast 50, CIX Top 10 Growth, and Great Place to Work®. BenchSci faced the challenge of making a lasting first impression on new hires in a remote working environment. Giftagram stepped in to provide a seamless solution with customized gift boxes that welcomed employees and integrated them into the BenchSci culture.

The challenge

An open view of a custom branded Employee Onboarding Gift for BenchSci, by Giftagram

The process involved selecting thoughtful gifts, automating delivery schedules, and ensuring each package was a delightful surprise for the recipient. The result was increased employee satisfaction and a stronger sense of belonging among new hires.

BenchSci's remote-first environment necessitated a scalable and impactful way to onboard new employees. The challenge was creating a memorable onboarding experience that conveyed company values and fostered a sense of community, which is especially important in a predominantly remote work setting. Stakeholders recognized the need for a solution that could be customized, easily managed, and scalable across various locations. Solving it promised to enhance BenchSci's employer brand and support its remote onboarding process.

The people

The initiative was a collaboration between BenchSci's People Operations and IT teams, targeting new hires across the company. This internal program was essential for instilling a sense of belonging and appreciation from the outset, making employees feel valued and part of the BenchSci family. The partnership with Giftagram brought efficiency and a "set it and forget it" approach to the onboarding process, allowing the BenchSci team to focus on their core work while ensuring new hires received a warm welcome.

View of a laptop with custom branded landing page elemens that are a part of a recipient unboxing experience

The outcome

Giftagram's solution was a bespoke new hire gift box program tailored to BenchSci's brand and values. The program included a gift selection process, an easy-to-use platform for managing addresses and delivery times, and tracking to ensure timely arrival. The program was a hit, with new hires expressing appreciation for the thoughtful welcome, significantly impacting their initial experience with the company.

"We've seen a remarkable improvement in how new hires integrate and connect with our culture from day one.

Giftagram's personalized gift boxes have delighted our employees and reinforced our values and commitment to our team."

- Celine Martin, Senior Manager of People Operations, BenchSci

The gifts

The gift boxes included a curated selection of items such as a high-quality branded notebook for jotting down ideas and inspirations, a branded glass beaker to encourage hydration, custom BenchSci swag to foster team spirit, and a selection of healthy snacks to fuel their first days. Each box was thoughtfully packed with a personalized welcome note from the CEO, making every new hire feel immediately part of the BenchSci family.

Branded  zip up hoodie, branded t shirts, branded journal, science kit, chocolate, and book titled "Radical Candor"

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