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The Sweetest Love Story: How the Founders of Sugarfina Dreamt Up Their Candy Empire On Their Third Date

Giant M&M’s and Hershey’s Kisses are merely ghosts of candy stores past at luxury confectionery Sugarfina. Here, the modern sweet shop trades the bustling, rainbow sherbet colors of traditional candy stores in favor of an immaculate, chic aesthetic of white and robin-egg-blue. With its exquisite attention to detail, Sugarfina is a boutique shopping experience that feels more Tiffany & Co. than it does Dylan’s Candy Bar.


sugarfina bento box

Sugarfina XOXO 4 Piece Bento Box $45

The candy retailer is the brainchild of Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick, a couple who first imagined a Candyland fit for grown-ups on their third date while at an outdoor screening of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (of course). The film prompted the entrepreneurial duo to wonder why kids should have all the fun, according to the Sugarfina website, sending the pair “on a quest to create the ultimate candy store for grown-ups.”

founders of sugarfina

O’Neill and Resnick spent the next two years traveling to remote corners of the world, vowing to curate the best candies from around the globe to bring home to the U.S. From sparkling rosé bears imported from Germany to Parisian pineapple gummies made in France, they undeniably delivered on their promise.

sugarfina's rose gift box

Exclusive Sugarfina Rosé Gift Box $45

Once the founders had amassed an archive of 125 candies, they jetted back to America and launched the original Sugarfina website in 2012. One year later, the pair opened their first candy store located in Beverly Hills. Since first opening its doors in Los Angeles four years ago, Sugarfina has popped up 24 new locations across the country, plus 14 mini-boutiques in Nordstrom stores sprinkled from coast-to-coast.

luxurious candy box

The artisanal candy store now boasts an impressive inventory of indulgences that also make perfect gifts. Sugarfina’s expansive collection is full of decadent delights to surprise any sweet tooth, like their mouth-watering bento box of cocktail-inspired candies. With playful packaging and high-quality ingredients, Sugarfina can make an excellent gift for a thank you, bridal party or just because it’s Tuesday.

candy bento box

Sugarfina Faves 8 Piece Bento Box $85

The company’s incredible array of sugary morsels is enough to make any candy-lover swoon – the fact it all started with a love story is almost too sweet to bear. If you’re looking to spoil that special someone by showering them in candy-goodness, you can shop the latest from Sugarfina on Giftagram today.


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