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To be exact, Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22, and that’s the way Virgos like it: exactly exact. Those born under this sun sign are often ridiculed by others for being perfectionists and overly critical, but what’s wrong with that!? A Virgo pays close attention to the details and is happy in the knowledge that their way is the best way–meaning their taste is unparalleled. Confidence is everything and Virgos definitely aren’t lacking any.

Unfortunately for you, Virgo is, therefore, quite possibly, the hardest sun sign to shop for. So, how does one go about finding the perfect birthday gift for the always-on-point Virgo? Well, we can start by identifying some of Virgo’s common characteristics.



Virgos are very clean, like OCD clean, and everything has its place. So any gift that supports their addiction to keeping their home well organized is very welcome. Check out Giftagram’s dedicated category for the Home for even more ideas!

Yes, Virgos take perfection seriously and that applies to their physical being as well. Lucky for them, working out is non-negotiable and they are happy to work at it.

Did you know that Virgo is represented by the Virgin? Not to be taken literally of course; but rather, a fair explanation for their modest taste. So anything flashy will definitely not appeal to this conservative sign.

Mercury rules Virgo, making people of this sign particularly crafty and able to work well with their hands. That is why Virgos often have hobbies and careers that involve fashion design, illustration, sewing, tailoring or carpentry. Perhaps the real reason why Mr. Lagerfeld and friends rule French couture.

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