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The honeymoon suitcases are unpacked, the china is delicately displayed in the cabinet, and the wedding dress has been carefully laundered and stored. You can’t put it off any longer; it’s time to send out the wedding thank you notes.


Though writing notes to 100-plus people may seem overwhelming, The Giftagram Team has created your guide to tackling the task. Read on for our complete guide to writing your wedding thank you notes!


Your timeline  

Any gifts sent before the wedding should have thank you cards addressed and sent to the recipient within two weeks of their arrival. For gifts received on or after your wedding, typical etiquette suggests you have within three months of receiving the gift to send a thank-you note.    


First step: collect the addresses

Before you can begin writing your thank you notes, you’ll need to know where to send them all. Start by pulling out the guest list and mailing list you created when you first sent out your invitations. Make a column to note whether each guest attended, and what gift they gave. There may be some people who didn’t give gifts that you’ll still want to thank, like your bridal shower host. Some people may not have attended, but sent a gift in their place. Make a record of with all of this information so you can easily keep track of who to thank and for what.


Pick out stationery    

Deciding how to personalize your notes is the best part. You can choose stationery you feel uniquely represents you as a couple or pick something classic. If you need help, monogrammed notes and thick stock are a traditional and elegant go-to.


Start writing

Creating a designated zone in your house for writing your thank you cards can be motivating. Having a nice, comfortable place to work will make you more likely to sit down and get to it.


Instead of trying to write all of your notes in one sitting, try and designate 30-minute windows of time for you to knock them out. Setting aside chunks of time will help you avoid getting burnt out. Block out a half hour every day until you get work through all of your thank you notes. Remember, gifts were gifted to you as a couple, so be sure to sign both of your names!


Good form says each wedding gift receives a thank you card. From your engagement to your shower to your actual wedding day, you may have a lot of cards to send. Try not to look at writing your wedding thank you cards as a chore. It’s a wonderful privilege to have so many people to give gratitude to! Each of these people put in the care and effort to help you celebrate the happiest day of your life, and for that, they deserve infinite thanks.  


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