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Every year, Halloween drums up nostalgic memories of makeshift costumes, trick-or-treating and sweets — lots and lots of sweets. When we were kids, few things were as exciting as being out past your bedtime and the rush of sugar the holiday entailed. As adults, there are still plenty of ways to join in on the festivities without having to go door-to-door begging for candy. Check out our list of fun ways to celebrate Halloween like a grown-up below.  


Decorate Your House

Decorating your house is a must if you’re planning on handing out candy or having friends over for the occasion. You can head to your local costume shop to pick out fake spiderwebs and skeletons or log on to Pinterest to find spooky decorations you can make at home. You can even create a theme for your decorations to help tell a story. For example, you can turn your living room into a vampire’s den, or your kitchen into Victor Frankenstein’s operating room — it’s all about the drama.


Host a Halloween Party

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a full-blown costume soiree, hosting an adult Halloween party is a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday. Invite some friends over, decorate your house, dish out some Halloween themed appetizers and drinks, and get the party started. You’ll have to be sure to go all-out with your costume to set the stage for your party guests.     


Carve a Pumpkin

There’s nothing more Halloween than carving your very own pumpkin. Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to step up your pumpkin carving game. Opt for something more sophisticated than your typical jack-o-lantern and carve something truly unique. Perhaps these ornate ideas from Livingly will help you get inspired.   


Dish Out a Devilish Dessert

This year, take it a step further than fun-sized candy bars from the supermarket and whip up a Halloween-themed dessert from scratch. We love this recipe for Marshmallow ghost cupcakes from Our Family of Seven! They’re sinfully delicious.     

If you have a hankering for candy, Giftagram has plenty of sweet tooth options fit for grown-ups, like this Sugarfina Spooky Sweets Coffin Bento Box for $28. They’re so good, it’s scary.


Serve up spooky cocktails

Halloween themed-cocktails are the perfect way for adults to ring in the holiday. We love this recipe for a tequila and lychee aperitif, aptly named “Casa Crazy Eyes,” by Casamigos.


Serving up these bad boys will certainly make you the most popular person at any Halloween party. Plus, Giftagram can take care of any of your Casamigos needs. We have the Casamigos Blanco tequila needed for this recipe available on our app for $48. Remember, there’s nothing scarier than a hangover the day after Halloween, so please drink responsibly.

Whether you attend a masquerade ball or binge-watch your favorite scary movies tonight, this holiday is all about letting loose and having fun. We might’ve outgrown trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean we have to put Halloween behind us entirely. Happy Halloween!




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