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From simple table etiquette to profound life lessons, Mothers are constantly giving their children gifts of wisdom. Even as adults we seek advice from our mothers before anyone else. No one can argue with the common known fact that mama knows best, so listen to your mother.

We asked some of today’s influential mamas about the gifts that their mothers taught them. In return they also chose a gift from the app that they would send their moms to show their love and thanks this Mother’s Day.

Krista Horton

“So many life lessons have come from my mother (never finish the last bite, work hard, be kind) but the one that always resonated is that family always comes first. She worked really hard to build a strong knit family and she did a dang good job at doing that! We stick together, are always there for each other and spend as much time together as possible. I am so thankful for such a loving family that I can rely on and I am hopeful the same will come out of my little growing family that my husband and I have built!”

Krista’s Pick for Mom: The Bouqs 3 Month Flower Subscription

Marisa Brown

“My mother taught me so many things, but I’d have to say the most important thing she ever taught me was to believe in myself. Growing up, my mom supported all of my crazy dreams and gave me the confidence to be myself and always ‘go for it’. Fear or self doubt rarely holds me back and for that I am so grateful. I hope that I can teach my daughters to be strong and confident women like my mom taught me! And really, who’s a better cheerleader than your mom? Thanks mom!”

Marisa’s Pick for Mom: Kate Spade All in Good Taste Kettle

Ana-Maria Klizs

“My mother is my greatest role model. She taught me to always tell the truth because it’s hard to change people’s perspective of you once you’ve gained a bad reputation. That’s my anthem in life these days, truth, honesty and being myself all the way along. For Mother’s Day, I sent my mum one of my favourite Giftagram gifts from Kitten and the Bear! Yum!”

Ana-Maria’s Pick for Mom: Kitten and the Bear Gift Box

Alison Heden

“My Mom has taught me many life lessons and continues to do so every day. She taught me how to cook and about the importance of breaking bread together. It wasn’t until I was much older when I realized that not every family had the privilege of beautiful, nutritious home cooked meals. The ritual of sitting down and eating together promotes solid communication between family members and the opportunity to stay connected. I grew up with this ritual and it is now a big part of what I am passing along to my children. Thanks Mom!”

Alison’s Pick for Mom: Bellabeat Fitness Tracker

We’d also like to thank these lovely ladies for supporting Giftagram during Mother’s Day. We are donating $5 from every gift sent to the Baby2Baby organization and the contributions from these ladies have helped us donate more and help more families in need.

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