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Giftagram.com Web Commerce Launches

We’ve heard it said that gifting feels even better on a bigger screen.

Our team is excited to relaunch Giftagram.com with full e-commerce functionality. You can now easily send a gift directly from your computer without having to fish your phone out of your bag, or quickly share a gift with a friend to drop a hint. Plus, you can also shop in your mobile browser if you are not able to download iOS or Android apps on your device. Yes, we’re talking about you, Windows users. We’re excited to have you in the Giftagram family.

All gift offers will be available on both the Giftagram app and web platform, so no matter which way you choose to gift, you’ll have an incredible selection of products to pick from. Your login information is the same for both stores, and tools like order tracking and history have the same information. We’re making it easier every day to gift when that thoughtful instinct strikes you.

Happy gifting!



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