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The third day of September is Wife Appreciation Day and an opportunity for partners to shower their wives with extra love and gratitude. Every day is a chance to show your wife how much she means to you, but today it’s especially important. The Giftagram Team has outlined a few ways to go the extra mile today. We promise they’ll make your wife smile and earn you some brownie points along the way.


1. Cook a meal  

Whether it’s french toast in bed or her favorite linguine pasta for dinner, cooking your wife a meal is a sweet way to show you care. Sharing a meal gives you time to discuss your joys, frustrations, and everyday happenings. It’s an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of your relationship, check in with one another and offer each other any needed support –  all while enjoying a tasty meal together.


2. Help around the house

Everybody appreciates a clean and calm living environment. Lending a hand around the house by tidying up the living room, fixing a leaky faucet or doing the dishes is a thoughtful gesture that your wife will immediately take notice to (trust us).


3. Take her to a romantic dinner

From time to time, it’s good to get out the house and go to a special restaurant. Perhaps you can take her to the Italian restaurant where you had your first date or your sushi restaurant of choice. Wherever you go, a night on the town is a wonderful way to spend quality time together.


4. Send flowers

Women love flowers, plain and simple. A bouquet of peonies can transform any space, whether it’s an office desk or a bedside table. They’re an easy way to a woman’s heart and a thoughtful gift that doesn’t need to be expensive. We love The Bouqs Deluxe Farmers Choice Bouquet, but there are plenty of exquisite choices out there. Find a bouquet showcasing your wife’s favorite flower to show her you remember all the little things about her.


5. Surprise her with a trip

If you really want to go the extra mile, surprising your wife with a vacation is an exciting way to celebrate the day. A trip is an excellent opportunity to escape your everyday lives, even if just for a day or two, and focus on one another. A vacation doesn’t have to be particularly luxurious. If the two of you like to go camping, you can plan a weekend at your favorite lake together. Or heck, take her to Hawaii if you’re feeling lavish. Either way, be sure to communicate with you wife’s friends, family and work to make sure she doesn’t miss something important. Also, they can be in on the secret, and help you to pull off an epic surprise.

Our modern world is hectic. Telling the important people in our lives how much we care about them is an important affirmation of love. Being thoughtful doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. It’s all about the effort and the energy of expressing sincere appreciation.


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