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It’s Labor Day Weekend and the unofficial mark of the end of summer, but this Holiday is about more than just a three day weekend. It’s a day meant to commemorate the valuable contributions of workers everywhere. If you’re a business owner or a manager, acknowledging your employees’ hard work goes a long way. Recognition for doing quality work is often cited as a top reason for job satisfaction across industries – AKA why good employees choose to stay at a company.

The Giftagram Team is highlighting a few meaningful ways to acknowledge workers this Labor Day. These gestures are sure ways to show appreciation and help strengthen employer-employee relationships.


1. Throw a company picnic

Having a social gathering outside of the office is an excellent way to blow off steam and get to know your employees on a more personal level. If money is an issue, you can make the event potluck style where each person is responsible for bringing a dish of their choice to the party. A company picnic also encourages your employees to bond with one another in a non-professional setting, which helps foster a happier work environment for everyone. Bonus points if you can accomplish a company picnic during a work day (your employees will be more likely to actually attend).


2. Write personal notes

In our digital age of emails and text messages, a handwritten note is almost a novelty. Taking the time to write notes for your employees is a heartfelt way to show gratitude. Including specific examples of employee’s achievements in each letter shows you notice and truly value their work. If you have a large workforce, you can ask managers to write a note for each member on their team.


3. Provide a meal  

Everyone likes free food – seriously. Whether it’s as simple as fresh bagels and coffee in the morning, or a platter of delicious deli sandwiches for lunch, your employees will certainly appreciate the thought – and the free grub.


4. Give bonuses

Surprise bonuses can be great motivators for high achieving employees; if they know a bonus is within reach, they’ll work hard to earn one. It’s best to motivate employees with unexpected bonuses, rather than predictable ones. When you have the means to reward your top employees with cash, an extra vacation day, or a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants, they’ll feel recognized as a particularly hard worker.


5. Give a small gift

If it’s not within your budget to hand out bonuses, a small gift is a thoughtful way to show your employees you care about them. The Giftagram shop has awesome selections under $50 that are unique ways to express thanks. Our top pick is the Original Zebra Garden by Lula’s Garden, a low maintenance succulent planter box that can fit perfectly on your employee’s work desk or at home on their coffee table.

As we prepare to celebrate this holiday, let’s remember to honor all of the workers in our lives for their dedication. When we continually appreciate and are kind to one another, every day can be Labor (of love) Day.


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