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Men’s birthday gifts can be tough. “Doesn’t he already have one of these?” “Will he ever actually use it?” “Will he even remember who gave it to him?” We know, we’ve been there. The trick is to find a gift that is practical enough that he’ll love putting your gift to use, but personal enough that he’ll never forget who gave it to him. Of course, this is more easily said than done. This is why we here at Giftagram have decided to come up with a little list of birthday gift ideas for those hard-to-shop for men in all of our lives.

To make things easier for you, we’ve broken guys down into three categories. If any of these guys sound like someone you know, then this list might help inspire some ideas.

Whether he’s an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile or the love of your life, we’ve got you covered. This year, do his birthday right.


Mr. GQ:

Finding a gift for the fashionisto in your life can be a tall task. He has impeccable taste and a flare for style. Not to worry, we offer sharp but understated accessories that are sure to pass the test. After all, he knows as well as we do that it’s the small details that count.

• Brass Money Clip $38

• Hadid Eyewear Nomad Sunglasses $149

• Caliber Brass Cufflinks $325


hadid men's eyewear


Weekend Will:

He works hard and plays hard. Help the man put aside the memos and spreadsheets to unwind on his birthday this year. After all, once the work is done, a drink and a little barbecue are surely in order. And we’ve got the supplies to help.

• Macallan 12 Year $54

• Carnivore Club Gift Box $55

• Rusty Nail Cocktail Kit $119


craft beer


Grooming Greg:

Ah the well kept man! Coiffed hair, smooth skin, perfectly maintained facial hair. He certainly knows how to take care of himself. We want to help with the process. With these products in hand, he’s sure to look crisp from head to toe every day of the week.

• Men’s Society Beard Removal Kit $35

• Leather Shoe Care Kit $84

• Hudson Made the Day Tripper Kit $132

  shaving kit


We hope you found our little list helpful. Need more gifting inspiration? Download the app or scroll away on Instagram!

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