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6 Ways to Celebrate the Beer Fanatic in Your Life on American Beer Day

October 27th marks a momentous occasion for Americans everywhere – it’s National Beer Day. There are certain things Americans hold near and dear to their hearts, and one of them is the ability to unwind with a nice cold brewski at the end of the day. From lager lovers to ale admirers, Giftagram has just the way to celebrate any beer fanatic in your life.


Sempli Monti Pint Glasses – $55

Sempli Monti Pint Glasses

These unique glasses from Sempli Monti put an elegant spin on the traditional pint glass. Hand- blown from lead-free crystal, these pint glasses fit perfectly in your hand. This set comes with two 16-ounce glasses that are great for everyday use, dinner parties, or holiday get-togethers.


Reclaimed wood six-pack carrier – $49  

Wood 6-beer carrier

This six-pack carrier from Broquet is made with reclaimed California Redwood from bridges, tunnels, and barns. It’s certainly an elevated approach to the way you transport your beer. Ditch the backpack and opt for this rustic wood six-pack carrier instead. It also comes with a side-mounted bottle opener, so you can enjoy a cold one just about anywhere.    


Food and Beer – $49

The Book of Food and Beer

A true beer connoisseur will be delighted with Food and Beer by acclaimed chef and brew duo Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. This book features 60 high-end recipes with their respective, phenomenal beer pairings. Even the pages of this book are tiny visual masterworks, making use of a stunning, bold aesthetic. Food and Beer is the sort of book that lives on the coffee table of a dignified, mature beer drinker.   


Sempli Monti Birra glasses $59

Sempli Monti Birra glasses

The Sempli Monti Birra glasses are the first from the brand designed with a flat bottom. Created to enhance the fizziness of carbonated beverages, the flat bottom discourages one from stirring or swirling the drink inside. This set comes with two 12-ounce glasses and is an excellent gift that craft beer drinkers will truly appreciate.


Craft a Brew APA Beer Making Kit – $54

Beer Making Kit

Interested in actually making beer instead of merely drinking it? Then the Craft a Brew APA Beer Making Kit may be just what you’re looking for. This beer-brewing kit contains everything you need to brew up a batch of your very own American Pale Ale. This hop-forward blend has a distinctly American character. It pairs bitter notes with light malt flavors, making it an easy-to-drink beer with a crisp finish.

If you find you have a real knack for beer-brewing then you’re in luck–all of the equipment is reusable.This kit makes one gallon of American Pale Ale, but you’ll have the tools to brew more if you please. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Menu Beer Foamer – $29

Menu Beer Foamer

This foamer brings you pub-style drinks at home. It’s the answer to bubbly brew with soft, dense foam without having to go to a bar. Using this beer foamer significantly increases the taste, aroma, and feeling of beer as if it were poured fresh from the tap. It gets you as close to draft beer as possible without actually being at the pub.

Of all the ways to recognize American Beer Day, the best way to enjoy it is by grabbing a cold one with good company. Whether it’s at home, your local brewery or the pub, how will you celebrate the day?






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