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7 Holiday Gifts to Give Employees

With the Holiday season rapidly approaching, managers are beginning to drum up ideas for thoughtful gifts to give employees. Shopping for anyone is difficult, and corporate gifting is even harder. Finding great gifts for those you have a professional relationship with is challenging, but we’re here to help. The Giftagram team has gathered up great holiday gift ideas for employees that won’t collect dust, or worse, get the dreaded re-gift. Read on for holiday gifts your employees will love!  


For the Gourmet

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, like artisan cheeses and craft beer, we have just the ticket. The Carnivore Club Gift Box ($55) is packed with four to six hand-picked meats that will delight any foodie. Your employee will have access to premium prosciuttos, salamis and bacon they won’t find at the grocery store. This assortment of charcuterie also comes with a Meat Eater’s Handbook, giving them the low-down on their package of goodies.   


For those with dietary restrictions, the Oro Nero Balsamic ($25) is a great option to satisfy the stomachs of vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free-ers alike. This balsamic vinegar by Dean and DeLuca is tantalizingly rich and full of flavor. It’s great on salads, vegetables, grilled steak, and even vanilla ice cream. In many cases, the fastest way to an employee’s heart will be through their stomach.


For Mr. or Mrs. Saturday Night

The W&P Holiday Rum Punch Kit ($49) is an excellent selection for employees who enjoy rich nightlife and a mean cocktail. This set has everything needed to whip up a delicious rum punch for the holidays, including a mason shaker, a bottle of Morris Kitchen’s small batch grenadine syrup, and a custom steel jigger. This festive recipe will be a hit at any adult holiday dinner party.



For the Homebody

For those who prefer a cozy night in over one on the town, a gift that creates ambiance will be deeply appreciated. We suggest the Woodlot 8oz Candle ($26), which comes in five unique scents and burns for up to 40 hours. These unique candles bring warmth, light and an alluring aroma to any space.       


For the Workaholic

For employees who seem to spend more time at their desk than anywhere else, get them a gift that elevates their workspace. The Yield Brass Geo Rail ($38) is a chic accessory that fits perfectly on any desk. It’s a versatile way to hold photos, business cards, or anything else your employee may want to display.   


For the Sweet Tooth

Every office has an employee with a steady candy supply on their desk (that gets consistently ravaged by the rest of the staff). Treat your sweet tooth employee to The Sugarfina Merry Christmas 8-piece Bento Box ($65). This limited edition box is a collection of holiday confections like gingerbread men, Jamaican rum snowballs, and pumpkin pie caramels  If all else fails, you can never go wrong with sweets.


For Anyone

If you’re still stumped on what a specific employee might like for the holidays, there are certain gifts that will appeal to just about anyone. The Teak & Twine: The Silver Bells Gift Box ($58) is a sweet and elegant bundle of joy. The box includes coffee and sea salt chocolate, a lavender and cedar candle, and a seasonal sweet by Sugarfina wrapped in a gold and silver foil. It’s a lovely gift set that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.   


Tis’ the season for gift-giving, but showing gratitude for employees is a year-long endeavor. As nice as it is to receive a present, the thought behind the gesture is what’s important. Celebrate your employees this season not just with material items, but with sincere acknowledgment of their hard work and effort.    


Happy Holidays!  




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