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Instagram fanatics rejoice – it’s Man Crush Monday. Perhaps you worship him from afar, or maybe he’s your boyfriend, or, perchance, he could be Channing Tatum. Whoever your Man Crush Monday is, The Giftagram Team has put together a light-hearted list of surefire ways to woo your man crush (except maybe not Channing because he’s taken, sadly).


man crush


1. Buy him coffee

Buying him a coffee is a sweet and simple way to show affection. If your #MCM is just a friend (for now), it’s a kind gesture to make without being too bold. Besides, everyone loves being surprised with their coffee drink of choice.


2. Write him a note

In our digital world of texts and emails, writing your man crush a handwritten note is a heartfelt way to share your token of love. You can keep it short and sweet, or pour your heart out if the mood strikes. Include an inside joke or special memory to give the note a personal touch.


3. Send him a gift

Giftagram has a plethora of gift options fit for your man crush. We recommend the Broquet Rough Rider Moustache Kit ($59) for the burly type, which includes a moustache comb, growers guide, stainless steel scissors and moustache wax. Alternatively, the Whiskey Sour Cocktail Kit ($65) includes all the essentials to make a delicious whiskey sour. This brings us to number four.


4. Buy him a drink

Offering to buy someone a drink can be a casual encounter or a more meaningful one, given the circumstances. If your man crush is the drinking sort, next time you’re out at a bar with friends, tell him the next round is on you (only if you’re of legal drinking age, of course).


5. Tell him he’s your man crush!

Your man crush will never be more than just puppy love if he doesn’t even know he’s your special someone. Honor this most joyous of recurring holidays by letting your crush know he’s your #MCM. If he’s already your significant other, telling the people we love how much we love them never hurts, either.


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