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Keep Your

Keep your brand top of mind and use Giftagram
to send new products or samples to your favourite
prospects or customers (with just an email address).

Our Partners

“Prior to our Toronto launch, Nordstrom used Giftagram to
send thousands of tote bags to influencers and customers”

Carina Holtby, Nordstrom

Send Product Samples

Stay in touch with your favorite customers by sending them a token
of your appreciation. Giftagram’s technology allows you to turn your
email addresses into physical addresses and get your product in the
hand of your favourite customers and prospects.

Launch New Products

Want to build buzz around your new product launch? Get your goods in
the hands of influencers, celebrities, media and your existing customer
base and watch as you obtain an unprecedented amount of attention on
social media.

Convert Your Prospects

Does your brand have a list of prospects that are ready to purchase but
haven’t pulled the trigger? Giftagram let’s you send them a “thinking of you”
gift, that builds brand equity and pushes your prospects further down the
funnel towards purchase.

How It Works


Scope The Campaign

Work with our business development team to
determine your objectives, which gifts you would
like to send, and how your messaging and
packaging will look.


Contact Your Customers

We reach out to your audience with a customized
landing page and personalized message from your
brand. All they need to do is provide their
preferred delivery address.


Deliver Your Package

We take care of delivery with full transparency.
Sit back and watch as your company's social
media account is tagged and hashtagged at
never-before-seen rates.

Contact Us

Tell us a bit about your brand, products and goals.

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