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VP Technology

Toronto, ON.

Giftagram Inc.

Giftagram makes it easy to be thoughtful. We partner with premium local retailers and international brands to curate exclusive gifts instantly deliverable via our app or website. We also partner with select brands to enable unique experiential and influencer campaigns while providing valuable consumer insights. The Giftagram Enterprise Solution provides companies the ultimate platform to deliver a selection products and experiences to clients, partners and employees.

Did you know corporate gifting is a $125 Billion market with almost no SAAS platforms to power the recipient experience and execution of gifting? Us either, until companies like Facebook, Porsche, and many others called us to help them execute their programs. Now we are going after more business and need to continue to innovate our platform offerings.  

We are looking for a VP of Technology who is a great hands-on manager and team builder. You must be an excellent recruiter, a great communicator, and a creative problem solver.  

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • A knowledge of existing and emerging technologies: You are able to evaluate multiple technologies and identify those that are the best fit for the business. Technology selection should come from a deep understanding, a long term vision and playing to the strengths of the team, rather than following the latest trend. Our technology stack is LAMP.
  • You will work closely with the founder and executive team to execute on the product vision, go to market and react quickly to new opportunities.
  • An understanding of your limitations: You understand your own limitations but can identify experts to fill these gaps.
  • You are responsible for P&L technology and development budget.
  • Willing to get their hands dirty at first but, as the business grows, the role will evolve to become more managerial as the team grows.  (You will likely spend 50% of your time developing along with your managerial duties).
  • You are responsible for hiring and leading the development team.  You need to be able to identify and attract developers that aren’t just gifted but will help shape the culture of the business.
  • You will be responsible in managing multiple projects while communicating with the development team and other business units.
  • You have familiarity with web application development: HTML, JavaScript, CSS,  PHP, MySQL, Vue.js, WordPress and other content management systems.
  • Customers first: You will have two customers, internal and external. You need to understand the needs of the customer and focus on creating products that are customer centric.
  • Giftagram Technical Evangelist: Have experience in the public eye by embracing blogging and public speaking, acting as an evangelist for the industry and Giftagram as well as educating the world about technical trends of the future.
  • You need to manage expectations, build technology, nurture the business culture and inspiring teams. All of this needs someone who is willing to go that extra mile and grind it out with us.

Advanced / Expert Knowledge

  • iOS, Android, Web application development
  • Machine learning (e.g. User to item collaborative filtering)
  • Architectural understanding of AWS platform
  • Github
  • Triaging and using ticketing software such as Jira
  • RESTful API design
  • Agile (Scrum)
  • New Relic system monitoring solutions
  • E-commerce/mobile technology
  • E-commerce/mobile marketing
  • SEO/SEM strategies
  • Big data analytics architecture
  • Stripe / Payment processing
  • 3rd Party e-commerce platform integrations
  • Crises planning

In your cover letter, please address the following questions: 

  • As a manager, what are examples of some big wins you’ve had and what made them noteworthy?
  • What are some of the toughest decisions and actions you’ve undertaken?
  • What is your ideal culture for the technology team and the company as a whole?

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@giftagram.com

Have Questions?

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