ILĀ Black Gift Set



A curated selection of artisan kitchen specialities by ILĀ that is perfect for those who are starting to build their pantry or need a perfect housewarming surprise.

Each Black Gift Set includes:
• Olive Oil - The cold, bright winters and hot, dry summers of the Southern Spanish region of Cordoba create prime conditions for producing olives of exceptional quality and a richer, smoother olive oil with a more golden hue than its Italian counterpart.
• Black Salt - ILĀ's Black Lava Salt is harvested by hand using a thousand-year-old tradition and is drawn from activated coconut shell charcoal found in the earth.Renowned for its health benefits, which include antioxidant properties and enhanced digestive health.
• Wildflower Honey - This raw, cold-pressed honey has combined nectars to yield a dark honey with a unique floral taste, enriched with more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than lighter-hued varieties.
• Maple Syrup - For over 25 years, this wood-fired Vermont Maple syrup has been made the old-fashioned way: boiled down over pruned maple branches, the all-natural process of turning sap to syrup uses the maple tree as fuel — supporting a commitment to a responsible, renewable, and sustainable cycle of production.

ILĀ is a Brooklyn based gourmet essentials brand who sources from farms, purveyors and artisans around the globe.

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