Sculpd Wild Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit



Craft a beautiful set of three rustic flower vases to display vibrant dried bouquets in, all contained within the kit. Create three simple vases which can be customized in any way you choose.

• 2kg Premium Air-Dry Clay
• Dried Flower Bouquet
• Dried Flower Vase Pottery & Flower Arranging Guide
• 20 Piece Step-By-Step Beginners Pottery Guide
• Pottery Carving, Shaping and Cutting Tools + Tool Bag
• White Acrylic Eggshell Paint
• 2 Paintbrushes
• Potter's Sponge for Smoothing

Let creativity run wild. Sculpd are bringing the joy of crafts into people's homes, without the need to visit a studio with home craft kits for adults, beginners and DIY creators.

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